You were meant to be here

This is not a coincidence. You are here because you want to build your self-worth. Stop the self-sabotage. So that you can manifest the abundant life you have always dreamed of. Look no further. You’re here.


I help purpose driven women overcome self-sabotage, and become aligned with their True Selves to manifest an abundant life. 


When we are attuned to our True Self, we can create the life we only dreamed was possible.


Using the framework of Internal Family Systems, I teach you how to work with the parts of you that sabotage your worth and in the process your manifestation practice.

Hey there, I´m Angel, Clini-Coach® and Psychotherapist, empowering women who feel disconnected from themselves, align with their true selves, and manifest abundant lives.

 Want to manifest the life you always wanted?

But you notice self-sabotage is wreaking havoc on your self-worth? Manifestation is about being in our worth so that we are open to the Universe and what it has to offer. But we have an internal war going on in our heads. We are critical of ourselves. We people please, or are perfectionists. We doubt ourselves and our abilities. These things chip away at our self-worth. The struggle is real! This keeps us out of alignment with our True Self, and keeps us from manifesting the life we dream of having.

some of these things have helped along the way.

You’re successful. You’re ambitious. You have big ideas, hopes, dreams, and goals. But you want more! You know there’s more! You can feel it. you’re also feeling stuck. You’re feeling disconnected and out of alignment with yourself, your True Self. That small inner voice that tells you there’s more out there for you than your to-do list. Then the obligations that you continue to take on. Or the “busy work” that fills your day. That inner voice that wants to create, imagine, live. It wants you to be gentle with yourself, instead of so harsh. That voice isn’t persuaded by expectations. Expectations by family, friends, society. Beliefs picked up in childhood that do not fit with who you are and what you hope you will become. What you can be. What you are destined to be.

manifest an abundant life end self-sabotage build self-worth

Clini-Coach®, Psychotherapist

& a little woo


What’s Blocking Your Manifestations?

Take this FREE quiz to discover what part of you is blocking your manifestations. Using an Internal Family Systems, Parts Work approach, discover what part is getting in the way of tapping into your True Self and blocking you from manifesting what you want, and what to do about it!

“You manifest what you believe, not what you want.” – Sonia Ricotti

Service Offerings

I have developed a program that will teach you how to improve your self-worth by tapping into your True Self. Work with the parts that are sabotaging you. So that you feel connected to your true wants and needs. And allowing you to manifest the life you always thought you could have.

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Want to learn the the best method of manifestation? Looking to manifest love, money, or career? Your search brought you here for a reason. This is not a coincidence. You were meant to be here.

What is Internal Family Systems?

Belief that the mind is naturally multiple made up of parts and Self. Parts take on different roles, such as the inner critic or inner child. Self has the ability to work with these parts to harmonize the mind thereby, larger human systems.

What are Parts?

Parts are aspects of our personalities and are what makes us human. They have taken on new roles or jobs due to things that happened throughout our lives. Parts always have positive intentions, however can take over.

What is True Self?

True Self is our inner knowing. Our intuition, Our Authentic self. It’s our True North. True Self works with our parts to navigate through life.