This is only the beginning! My new program goes so much further by teaching you how to improve your self-worth by tapping into your True Self. Work with the parts that are sabotaging you. Become empowered to manifest the life you’ve always wanted by connecting to your true wants and needs. It’s magical! Not only will you learn how to work with and heal those part of you that have been sabotaging. You are then going to teach those parts help you take aligned action towards what you want to manifest!

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True Self Manifestation!

Sometimes we just need to get to the good stuff!

Key points in the video:

 -What the best method of manifestation is and why: 00:45

 -What are the common self-sabotaging behaviors that block our     manifestation: 02:15

  -Guided meditation: 04:18

You can also listen to the guided meditation by itself. this extended version gives you more cues on ways to work with your parts! with Deep Meditation Chakra 432 Hz*. Player is above, or download mp3 to take on the go!

*This frequency is shown to unlock intuition, increase mental clarity, and heighten perception.

**As a reminder, this is not a replacement for therapy. The information supplied is meant to serve as tools for self-help for personal use at your own discretion in conjunction with medical professionals, and/or therapists. Please read full disclaimer here.**