Manifestation E-Course

Manifest Without the Self-Sabotage E-Course

This  E-Course uses Internal Family Systems/Parts Work techniques to teach you the foundations of how to tap into True Self, your authentic self. Then, explore the parts of you that are functioning from past programming and conditioning, the ones sabotaging your manifestations. Learn how to separate from and build relationships with these parts, giving them an opportunity to take a break. So that you, in your True Self energy can connect with the Universe, and manifest the life you’ve always wanted!

Included in course:

Video walking you through how to tap into True Self, and a guided meditation to learn how to access and work with these parts. So that you can become Self-Led and really go for those manifestations!

A downloadable mp3 of the guided meditation with with Deep Meditation Chakra 432 Hz, to take on the go.

Worksheets to follow along with guided meditation

Workbook on how to tap into True Self

Infographics of the 8 C’s of True Self and Common Protector parts

Lifetime access to the course and materials!

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