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True Self Manifestation

Group Coaching Program

Discover the keys to unlocking your True Self, transforming your manifestations, and honestly-your life!

“To successfully manifest, we must be in our worth and in alignment with our True Self and the Universe.” -Angel Minuto


If you’re done…

feeling frustrated and discouraged every time you try to manifest and you’re ready to break free from the limiting beliefs keeping you out of alignment with your authentic self, the Universe, and blocking your manifestations…

Then it’s time to get to the root!

I’m here to guide you through breaking free from these limitations. Together, we’ll delve into the root causes and dismantle the beliefs that block your TrueSelf, hindering your dreams and goals. Those parts of you that cling to these beliefs might think they’re protecting you, but they come at a cost—your sense of worth, deservingness, and your manifestations.

TSM Program

Let’s get to the root of all of this!

Why your manifestations aren’t coming through despite everything you’re doing.

After spending years as a successful psychotherapist practicing Internal Family Systems, as well as learning about all things manifestation, what I quickly learned was that MOST WOMEN use the Law of Attraction or other New Age manifestation practices but don’t see success. As a result they feel like there is something fundamentally wrong with them. They MUST be doing something wrong. They internalize feeling like a failure because these manifestation practices aren’t working for them…

Pay attention because this is one of the most important (and foundational things) you’ll ever learn in your life & if you don’t get it right now, it could cost you from becoming the person you’ve always known deep down inside you were meant to be.

Where most people think that the key to successful manifestations, is positive thinking or that you must have “good vibes only” to manifest — what they’re missing is the CRUCIAL step that comes before anything else;

That is you must be in your self-worth  

Without being in your worth, you’re not in alignment with your True Self and no amount of positive thinking or “good vibes only” are going to be a profound enough shift to create that alignment or build your worth. Therefore, You will continue to be blocked and your manifestations will not come through.

Through this Program…

You will bring about real, lasting change. You’ll align with your True Self, build unshakeable worth, and feel deserving at a soul level. Empowered and unafraid, you’ll take control of your life on your terms, setting healthy boundaries and reaching your goals fearlessly. Say goodbye to the weight of internal judgment as you step into a life that’s truly yours to embrace! The transformation you’ve been craving is within reach—let’s make it happen together!

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To Manifest the Life You Want, you Have to Master the Foundations of Being in Alignment and Building Your Worth Internally.

But there’s a problem:

–You thought that positive thinking was going to be enough to shift your mindset to bring in all of your manifestations. But you didn’t realize it’s not enough to create the profound shifts you truly desire and have been feeling frustrated, defeated, and discouraged because of it.

–You have a scarcity mindset believing that resources, opportunities, and abundance are limited. This causes fear and anxiety about not having enough and leaves you feeling trapped in a cycle of lack, struggling to break free.

–A part of you continues to attract the same type of person (emotionally unavailable? Narcissistic?) because this part is stuck in the same cycles and patterns that feel comfortable to it. Even though they are toxic and unhealthy.

–Deep down you feel undeserving of what you are trying to manifest. Preventing you from taking action steps towards your hopes, dreams, and goals.

–You feel stressed out because you struggle setting healthy boundaries, putting yourself, your wants, your needs, your desires, first. You were told that it’s “selfish” to do so, or that “nice girls” or “good girls” don’t do that. Resulting in distrust within yourself when you say yes when you want to say no. Further impacting your self-worth.

–You’ve stopped believing in yourself. You feel out of alignment. Disconnected with soul’s purpose, with who you really are, who you were meant to be in this world. 

Say goodbye to low self-worth keeping you out of alignment and blocking your manifestations.

> low self-worth keeps you out of alignment with your True Self, leaving you feeling undeserving, unlovable, not good enough, resulting in being disconnected from you soul’s purpose, who you really are, who you were meant to be in this world.

> You’re constantly trapped in cycles and patterns, making you feel stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, resulting in self-doubt, and feeling unworthy.

> Then you feel paralyzed by uncertainty creating huge periods where you feel like you are on autopilot, just trying to get by, survive, forget thriving. 

> The periods you’re in autopilot halt your momentum to take control of  your life and you end up questioning your soul’s purpose which quickly spirals into feeling hopeless and void of meaning & fulfillment.

What’s going to happen to your life if you DON’T get to the root of what is blocking you from being in your worth and aligning with your True Self???

Being in alignment, in your worth, and taking control of your

internal world Changes Your Entire life.

> Being out of alignment creates frustration, anxiety, and keeps you stuck in the same cycles and patterns you are desperately trying to change… Being in alignment internally, with your True Self, and the Universe drives inspired action and creates true empowerment.

> Being out of alignment  triggers self-doubt, procrastination, and a compromise on your worth… Being in alignment instills self-trust, self-confidence, that you know what is best for you despite those patterns and cycles that have kept you stuck and out of alignment for so long.

> Being out of alignment can feel like you have no control of what is going on internally, your life is dictated by limiting beliefs… Being in alignment makes you magnetic, irresistible to the Universe, an open vessel of everything she wants you to receive. 

Being in alignment and in your worth Creates incredible potential to bring your dreams into reality.

This inspires action & transformational change.

It propels you to a life of magnetism, magic, and wonder.

The truth is you’re here to live your soul’s purpose. The world needs you to show up as your most authentic self, living out those

hopes, dreams, and goals that were destined to come true.

I’m here to help you make that happen. 

Consider me YOUR Manifestation Guide. I empower you to go deep into your internal world, your subconscious, to get to the root of what blocks your worth,

aligning with your True Self, and manifestations.

So that you can finally break free from those patterns and cycles keeping you in low self-worth, out of alignment and manifest the life you were destined to have..


The time for your transformation is now. The world is waiting. 

What does this Include???

This is an 8 Week including weekly LIVE Zoom calls (will be recorded in case you can’t be there live).
-6 Zoom calls teach the core tenets of TSM using an Internal Family Systems (IFS)/Parts Work/hypnotherapy perspective, guiding you through meditations, IFS Parts Work exercises, with Q&A at the end
-2 Zoom calls dedicated to your questions, working through any issues with your parts so you can connect and be empowered to get to the root of your blocks to make   lasting, magnetic, change.
-Course materials used during calls will also be included prior to calls.
-Private Facebook Community is also included! Here you can support one another through this tremendous transformation! I’ll be there too!


Special Bonuses will be included!

Are you ready to manifest from your subconscious, propelling yourself towards a life of magic and wonder? Embrace the power within, and watch your dreams transform into reality!

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**Client spotlight**

Alice was on a quest for change in her career and love life. She was stuck in a frustrating loop, not getting the support she needed for her career choices and feeling let down in the love department. She questioned who she really was and what she should be doing in her life.

We did some digging and discovered some deep-rooted stuff. It turns out Alice had these patterns from her past – codependency, enmeshment, always looking for validation from the outside world. Those things, mixed with childhood judgment and not feeling validated, messed with her self-image. These issues were roadblocks keeping her from making her dreams manifest.

Enter the Internal Family Systems/Parts Work approach. This is where things got interesting. Alice got to connect with her True Self and work through those parts of her that were stuck in these old patterns. It was like she gained control of her inner world, and that made her feel super empowered. The best part? Those things that used to set her off before, well, they lost their power. She became calmer, more confident, and hopeful.

And then, bam! Alice shared this awesome story about how she manifested a perfect spot for her and her business partner. They’d been renting within another business, but she stumbled upon this storefront for rent, got a vibe, and decided to reach out. It was like the Universe was on her side because she got a quick response, and within days they were checking out this great location. Close to home, busy street, and the rent was even less than what she was paying! Talk about serendipity, right?

But the magic didn’t stop there. Alice was following these little nudges from the Universe and guess what? She got the security deposit and even the furnishings gifted to her! That’s less stress on the budget. Even her parents, who weren’t exactly the cheerleading type before, were genuinely happy for her. She was breaking old patterns with them, setting healthy boundaries, and it paid off.

Alice realized that this was a big manifestation, and she felt ready for the challenge. She had a part of her that was scared, but she worked with it, reassured it, and kept moving forward. She said she’d never felt so magnetic in her life. Then she dropped this gem: “If this manifestation came through before working with Angel, I don’t think I would have been able to handle it. Maybe that’s why it didn’t come through until now. The Universe saw that I was finally ready for it.”

She’s thrilled with this newfound ease in her life, all because she tackled those limiting beliefs and patterns, digging down to the root of it all. No more frustration, just a ton of confidence, and she’s got her sights set on even more awesome things coming her way. It’s like her personal evolution and the Universe is cheering her on. Go, Alice! 

If you’re ready for your manifestations to FINALLY flow easily, then get on the waitlist. Doors open in September!!!

This is the place where we transform manifestations and honestly, your life!



Hi There! Let me introduce myself, I’m Angel Minuto. I’m a licensed psychotherapist, certified Clini Coach® and a little woo. I have years of experience with Internal Family Systems (IFS)/Parts Work, hypnotherapy, and all things manifestation. I’m here to help you step into your full worth, and be empowered to manifest the life you’ve always desired. Join me on this journey to embrace true alignment, and revolutionize your manifestations, and honestly your life!

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Who am I???

Hi there! I’m Angel Minuto. I’m a licensed psychotherapist and certified Clini-Coach® with many years of experience in all things Internal Family Systems/Parts Work, therapy skills, manifestation, and a whole bunch of stuff in between!

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