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IFS-Informed Manifestation Coaching package


1:1 Personalized IFS-Informed Manifestation coaching For Women-6 session package

Discover the Transformative Power of IFS Coaching

Do you find that despite your best efforts, your goals and dreams remain just out of reach? Could there be a gap between what you long for and your belief in your own value? Often, the most significant barriers we face are the hidden beliefs we hold about our own worth.

Embarking on a journey with IFS coaching could help you bridge that gap, inviting you to connect with your True Self and fully embrace the worthiness that is your birthright.


The Struggle is Real – But so is the Solution.
For too long, you might have wrestled with financial woes, unfulfilling relationships, or aspirations that just don’t stick, no matter how positive you try to stay. If your energy and motivation have vanished without a trace, leaving you in doubt, it’s a sign that something deeper within needs attention.

The Critical Voice Within & A Door to Transformation
That inner critic constantly whispering doubts is not the enemy—it’s a signpost pointing towards the shadows where your true power lies. Shadow work isn’t about shunning the darkness; it’s about illuminating it, understanding it, and transforming it.

The Heart of Manifestation is Belief in Self-Worth
The main obstacle to your manifestations is a deep-seated disbelief in your own worthiness. It’s not about positive thinking—it’s about positive *being*. And to be aligned with your desires, shadow work is the key.

The Path of Internal Family Systems (IFS)
Internal Family Systems is not your ordinary shadow work—it’s an evidence-based, transformational journey that merges the healing of inner child wounds with the alignment of your True Self. By addressing these inner parts, you can shift from outdated beliefs to empowering truths.

Become Your Most Magnetic Self

Imagine a life free from past programming, conditioning, and limiting beliefs. Visualize a reality where every part of you, even those that lurk in the shadows, is integrated, and empowered. That’s the essence of True Self Manifestation.

Your Invitation to Transformation

If you’re ready to explore the roots of your manifestation blocks and experience a life-altering alignment, I invite you to a 15-minute discovery call. Let’s embark on this journey to empower your True Self and manifest the life you’re meant to live.

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I’m here for women just like you…


I understand your needs

I’ve been there. I was drowning in limiting beliefs, low self-worth, and alcohol. Even after I quit drinking nothing changed. Not until I began digging deep inside myself, accepting all parts of me, and learning to live in alignment with my True Self. This work has been my guiding light and I want to show you how to do it too!


Results oriented

I’m a licensed psychotherapist and I’ve spent over 10 years working with women using these techniques watching them transform into the authentic, magnetic, empowered beings they are today! I have merged my psychotherapy skills, knowledge of all things manifestation, hypnotherapy, and coaching skills to serve you and your needs.


A Compassionate and Empowering Approach

I am compassionate, non-judgmental, and will be your biggest cheerleader through this entire experience. I’m not going to lie, this is hard work. But I want you to know that I am there with you every step of the way, holding space for you and guiding on this transformational journey. Are you ready to join me?

Who Am I?

I’m Angel Minuto, a Licensed Psychotherapist & IFS-Informed Coach

But before that-

I was disconnected, and out of alignment with my True Self, and an alcoholic. During time I loathed myself.

I thought that once I quit drinking in May 2012, the skies would open up, sunshine would envelop me with its warm rays, and birds would perch themselves on my shoulder singing happy songs in my ear.

That was farthest from the truth. I thought alcohol was what was wrong with me. That it was the problem I needed to fix. In reality, it was just a Band-Aid for what was really going on inside. When I stopped drinking, I was still miserable. I was edgy, irritable, depressed, angry, and I still hated myself. I was sitting there asking the Universe why nothing changed.

My perfectionism, people pleasing, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs got louder after I quit drinking. But I knew deep down that there was something more for me. I could feel it. I knew I wasn’t meant to live a life full of insecurities, self-doubt, playing small, feeling inauthentic, and being miserable.

So, I thought I would manifest the life I was supposed to have. I began delving into New Age Manifestation practices. I did all the things, think positively, affirmations, vision boards, full and new moon rituals.  Things would begin to manifest then, POOF, gone.

I totally thought it was something I was doing, I wasn’t thinking positively enough, I wasn’t in good vibes all the time, I didn’t want it bad enough. Was it even possible? I questioned myself, it was possible, right? That’s when I heard it, this inner critical voice telling me that it wasn’t possible.

I dug into non-New Age manifestation practices and found the consistent reminder about shadow work. Instead of trying to ignore, dismiss, or invalidate that critical voice, I had to get to the root of why it thought this in the first place.

If I didn’t feel deserving, worthy, or that it was possible, deep down inside, I was most certainly telling the Universe that I wasn’t ready for what I wanted to manifest. Essentially blocking my manifestations. And because I wasn’t ready, who knows what would happen if I got what I asked for. Would I even take the aligned action to get there? Or would I talk myself out of it and take the “safest route” instead because I didn’t think it was possible, or that I was undeserving or unworthy of it.

I dug up everything I could on inner child work, shadow work, and building self-worth. I’m a Scorpio and we love digging deep into those subconscious layers! I saw a therapist, began a yoga practice. And after a while, I began to feel confident, connected and aligned with myself. The more I dug, explored, healed, and set free, the more the manifestations started flowing in.

 The more I was open to the possibilities, the more I felt deserving and worthy of those aligned actions that crossed my path. And I’ve stayed consistent with it throughout.

 Being a psychotherapist, my dream was to have my own private practice, which I now have. My other dream was True Self Manifestation (TSM). The idea came to me like a download from the Universe after learning about Internal Family Systems (IFS). IFS is shadow work, inner child work, and learning how to align with your higher self all in one. And it’s the premise for TSM. The premise to my healing journey.

TSM feels like the calling I never knew I was capable of until I was able to really see myself, see my fullest potential. And believe that it was possible. I manifested all of this, and so much more. And I’m not done yet!

You don’t have to be in the throes of addiction to have been where I was.

We all get caught up in all the limiting beliefs from past programming and conditioning that keeps us stuck, disconnected, feel undeserving, and in low self-worth. That keeps us stuck in patterns of self-sabotage and blocks us from manifesting the life we’ve always wanted.

This disconnection prevents you from aligning with your True Self. It keeps you from your truth and straying from your rightful path.

My driving force with TSM is to guide other women to transform their lives. To manifest what you know deep down you’ve always wanted.

Let me help you break free from the past programming, conditioning, societal expectations, and norms, and limiting beliefs, that are impacting your self-worth. I want you to feel empowered, connected, and aligned with yourself. To learn how to trust your True Self and co-create the life you’ve always wanted.

The amazing life that small voice inside tells you to go for and believes you can have.

It’s not a coincidence you’re here!


Do I Sound like a great fit for you?

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-Acceptance of you as a whole.  All parts of you.

-Hard work.

-Getting to the root of what is keeping you from your full worth

-Building your worth from the inside out

-Becoming in alignment with your True Self

-Increasing your manifestation game exponentially

-Making you and the Universe best friends forever

-This isn’t spiritual Bypass

-Or invalidating “bad” or completely normal “uncomfortable” feelings

-There is no “good vibes only” or only positive thinking

-It isn’t scare tactics to think that the Universe will smite you if you have a “bad day” If that’s what you’re looking for you’re in the wrong place

A Guide: a compassionate, nonjudgmental, guide

who metaphorically holds your hand as well

as hold space through this process of healing and transformation.

-An Accountability Partner

-A Motivator

-Your Biggest Cheerleader

*A Replacement for therapy*

Although I am a licensed Psychotherapist, I am not your psychotherapist. We will not be doing therapy in this program. I encourage anyone to utilize psychotherapy in conjunction with this work if it is needed. Please see disclaimer to learn more. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it work?

Click the link and you will be brought to the checkout page. Once purchased you will receive an email with login instructions to your Dashboard. There you will find a calendar giving you available dates to book your sessions with me!

You will also find information you will need to read over before our first session and your coaching contract.

What's Included in the coaching package?

This package consists of 6-60 minute individual sessions over Zoom over 3 months.

-Short daily exercises & homework assignments

-Handouts, worksheets, tailored to your needs.

-Unlimited email support (Acknowledging that I will respond within 24 hours of receiving email)

Using the tenets of IFS and my Inner Mastery Framework, I will guide you to get in alignment with your authentic True Self, connect with those parts of you that are holding onto limiting beliefs and blocking your success.

By connecting with these parts, we build a relationship, so they no longer take over and dictate your life. Instead, we can help these parts find different roles and jobs that are in alignment with your business, not against it. Through this work, you become aligned, connected, and empowered to be Self-led in your business and your life!

These sessions will be designed specifically to you and your needs. You will also receive handouts, worksheets, and yes, homework assignments to complete between sessions!

Can I buy one coaching session?

Unfortunately not at this time. The coaching package is designed to take you on a transformational journey, grounded in the foundation of IFS Parts Work. We would not be able to do all of the things in one session.

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment is 6 Zoom calls, 60 minutes a piece. I give the opportunity to complete the 6 sessions in 3 months, however based on the person it can be completed sooner than 3 months. There will be initial information that will be provided that I require you review so that you will be ready to go at the first call. After that, there will be daily short exercises that I encourage my clients to do between sessions. These short exercises range from 5 to 20 minutes, usually.

Does it have to be 3 consecutive months?

Yes. This isn’t meant to be a drawn out process and consistency is key.

I prefer to keep it as close to 3 months as possible, give or take a week or two. And the 6 sessions could potentially be completed in less time as well.

If you have any conflicts, let me know in the first session, or email me!

Is there a refund policy?

With one on one coaching packages, I do not offer refunds. This is because I am investing in you as a client and it is time that I do not get back, as I am sure you understand. You are getting my 10 years of experience and expertise.

One on one coaching is a commitment to yourself and I have found the most successful clients commit to themselves without the safety net of a refund. Thank you for understanding.

Is there a coaching agreement?

Yes! Once you sign up I will get the documents prepared and emailed to you. One document will be the Coaching Agreement and the second will be the Client’s Responsibilities. Please review, sign, and return to me before our first session!

You can take a look at the Coaching Agreement here.

And the Client Responsibilities here.


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 Are you ready to dive into the root of what is blocking your manifestations? Are you ready to become your most magnetic version of yourself? Let me guide you on this journey of self-discovery and transformation so you can manifest the life you’ve always wanted!