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Are Your Limiting Beliefs blocking your manifestations?

We all carry limiting beliefs, but the real question is: Are your beliefs empowering you or holding you back?

Dive into our quiz to unearth the barriers that might be constraining your incredible potential!

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Angel Minuto is a licensed psychotherapist and IFS-Informed Transformation Coach, discussing all things manifestation, and Internal Family Systems/Parts Work.She talks about how to use Parts Work to align with your True Self and connect with the parts of you that have been sabotaging and blocking your manifestations, and frankly, your life. Empowering you to break free from past programming, conditioning, and limiting beliefs that you are holding onto. Build your self-worth from within, align with your True Self and the Universe, to manifest the life you’ve always wanted!


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The Connection Between Self-Love and Manifestation

Find out why Self-love is a key factor in manifesting and daily practices to get you there. This is Part 2-Unlocking Your Inner Magnetism.

Unlocking Your Inner Magnetism

These daily practices cultivate self-compassion, unlocking your inner magnetism, helping you to manifest your most amazing life.

Dialogues with Myself, How IFS Enlightened My Love for DIY

How IFS Enlightened My Love for DIY. From sloped floors to self-discovery, what my bathroom remodel taught me so far about self-reliance.

Why intuition is so important for manifesting.

Intuition is so important for manifesting. Keep reading to learn what intuition is and daily practices to strengthen intuition.

The #1 reason your manifestations aren’t coming through

This is the #1 reason your manifestations aren’t coming through. Hint, it has to do with shadow work and inner child work.

5 Lessons I’ve learned in 2023

5 lessons I learned in 2023, what I’m taking with me, and what I’m leaving behind and letting go of in 2024.

Powerful New Year’s Rituals To Manifest Your Best Life In 2024

Powerful rituals and exercises for New Year’s to manifest your best life in 2024. So you will have your most magnetic 2024.

When a part of you Is Out Of Alignment

  Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, iHeart Radio What do you do when your part is out of alignment with how you want to show up in the world? Or in this case feel good about how you handle family dynamics? On this...

Finding Your Authentic Voice: Navigating Life as a Self-Led woman

Finding your authentic voice and navigating life as a Self-led woman using the perspective of Internal Family Systems.

How to Access Your True Self Energy

This post will explain how to access your True Self energy. But first, what is True Self? What is True Self? True Self is just another name for our authentic self, our higher self, our intuition. when we are in True Self we are open to the Universe. We are open to...

Hey there, I´m Angel, I’m a psychotherapist & IFS-Informed Coach

I have years of experience in all things Internal Family Systems/Parts Work, manifestation, and a whole bunch of stuff in between!

I am passionate about helping women become the best versions of themselves. Build their self-worth and empower them to manifest their most amazing lives!

I believe the Universe has led me here, right to this. And I believe the Universe has led you here too. It’s not a coincidence we’re here.

True Self Manifestation (TSM) is my passion project, combining my therapy expertise, love for manifestation, and Internal Family Systems/Parts Work techniques. I found this was the missing piece in other New Age manifestation practices. And now I am sharing this with you!

“To successfully manifest, we Must be in our worth and in alignment with our True Self and the Universe.” -Angel Minuto

How to reconnect to yourself

My Mission

Empowering purpose-driven women to align with their authentic selves, I assist in overcoming subconscious blocks stemming from past programming, conditioning, and limiting beliefs. By nurturing self-worth from within, my mission is to help them radiate magnetism and manifest an abundant life.

Powerful New Year's Eve Rituals To Manifest Your Best Life In 2024

My Mantra

Embrace the power of aligning with your True Self and creating a profound connection with your internal world. As you do, a newfound sense of empowerment in your worth emerges, freeing you from the grip of past blocks. And in this liberation, you unlock the ability to manifest the life you authentically desire, creating a future that knows no bounds.

How To Reconnect With Yourself

My Method

I use Internal Family Systems/Parts Work to work with those parts of you that subconsciously block and sabotage your manifestations. This isn’t Law of Attraction or spiritual bypassing; this is powerful, real work to unearth the root causes. This is total transformation from its core. So you can embrace the life you’ve yearned for—with every inch of your being aligned and thriving!


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