Manifest your abundant life without the self-sabotage and be in your full worth


Group Coaching

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This isn’t about positive thinking and Law of Attraction

Follow me through a 12-week experience, delving into Internal Family Systems, identifying the parts that have been sabotaging you. Explore your inner world through weekly videos, audio guided meditations, handouts, worksheets, and weekly group Q&A’s. Guiding you to work with these parts that have kept you feeling stuck and disconnected from your True Self. Learn how to tune into your True Self to see what you truly want from life and teach the parts of you how to help you manifest the things you truly desire! What are you waiting for?

This plan if perfect for you are feeling:



Self-sabotaging behaviors including that inner critic, perfectionism, people pleasing, self-doubt. Whatever you want to call and no matter what you’ve tried, you can’t make it stop. 



The pressures, expectations, limiting beliefs you have put on yourself, preventing you from manifesting an abundant life.



Build your self-worth or regain that connection with yourself, allowing you to move forward with your goals, hopes, and dreams.

Are you noticing any of these?

  • You’re struggling to stop those self-sabotaging behaviors impacting your self-worth.

  •  You’re Feeling out of alignment with yourself, your True Self.

  • You feel called to something bigger, but you don’t know where to start.

  • You’ve tried many other ways of manifesting, positive affirmations, positive thinking, vision boards, writing, whispering (the list goes on and on) but nothing is clicking.

Let me help you!

Angel Minuto

Angel Minuto

Licensed Psychotherapist and Certified Clini-Coach®


I have a passion for helping women become the best versions of themselves.Build their self-worth and empower them to have their most amazing lives? I believe the Universe has led me here, right to this. And I believe the Universe has led you here too. It’s not a coincidence.



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What this program isn’t:

-This isn’t spiritual Bypass

-Or invalidating “bad” or completely

normal “uncomfortable” feelings

-There is no “good vibes only”

  or only positive thinking

-It isn’t scare tactics to think that the

Universe will smite you if you have a “bad day”

If that’s what you’re looking for

you’re in the wrong place

What this program is:

-Acceptance of you as a whole.  All parts of you.

-Hard work.

-Getting to the root of what is keeping you from your full worth

-Building your worth from the inside


-Becoming in alignment with your True Self

-Increasing your manifestation game exponentially

-Making you and the Universe best friends forever

What Coaching is:

A Guide

An Accountability Partner

A Motivator

Your Biggest Cheerleader

What Coaching isn’t:

*A Replacement for therapy*

Although I am a licensed Psychotherapist, I am not your psychotherapist. We will not be doing therapy in this program. I encourage anyone to utilize psychotherapy in conjunction with this work if it is needed.

What We Will Do:

Discover the best method to manifest everything you want from love, money, success

-Tips and tricks to access your

True Self energy

-Align with your True Self

-Build your self-worth

-Find your parts that have limiting beliefs/self-sabotaging behaviors

-Explore how to work with these parts to end the cycle of self-sabotage

-Learn how to get those parts

to help you with manifesting your abundant life!

How we will do it:

-12 Week Course Consisting of-

-Weekly videos

-Guided audio meditations


-Journal prompts,

-Private Facebook group

-Weekly group Q&A sessions with me

-And much more!

It’s not a coincidence you are here.

Take the next step to your abundant life.