My Process and Framework

We ALL struggle with things in our lives.

Some things we are very aware of, others, not so much. Often, we have patterns and cycles that are rooted in limiting beliefs based on past programming, conditioning, societal expectations, and norms.

This is what lowers our self-worth.

Even if we thought we had the best childhoods, or we can now logically see that our caregivers were doing the best they could, we are still inflicted by the things that we picked up and they skew our perception of ourselves and the world around us today. This could look like perfectionism, people pleasing, being very critical of yourself, procrastination, codependency, and so on.

These things make it difficult to access or feel safe to show up as our authentic, True Self. We learned and internalized that being who we were meant to be, is in some way bad. If we show others who we really are, we will not be loved, we will not be worthy, and not be deserving, These beliefs block us from living our best lives.

you go against your gut and say “yes” instead of “no”,

you are not aligned with your authentic self.

When you criticize yourself for every little thing from appearance to interactions with others, you are not aligned with your authentic self.

When you are trying to be perfect at everything out of fear of failing or that you will be rejected, you are not in alignment with your authentic self.

How to be successful in manifesting

There are parts of you that are holding onto limiting beliefs because they think it is unsafe to let go of them. These parts believe that they are helping you get through life unscathed. They learned at a young age  how to help you get your needs met. But are these in alignment with your authentic wants and needs? Often this means you are playing small out of fear that you will be “found out”, out of fear of not being loved and accepted. And it comes with a price. That price is your worth and deservingness.

You must get to the root to evoke real lasting change. To effectively align with your True Self. To build your worth and feel deserving at a soul level. To be empowered to take control of your life on your terms. To be unafraid to move forward in your goals, what other people think, to set healthy limits and boundaries with others. To be free from the weight of past programming, conditioning, and limiting beliefs. This is TRUE Transformation. This is how you become magnetic and manifest the life you’ve always dreamt of!

When Parts of Us Take On New Roles & Jobs…


-Your mother, caregiver, or other family member, picked on their own appearance and put so much emphasis on how you look and appear to others. So, you began noticing a critical voice that sounds a lot like mom critiquing your appearance, how you present yourself to the world.

-Or your father or caregiver was very critical of you if you received a bad grade but showed love and affection when you accomplished things, resulting in you becoming a perfectionist afraid to fail for fear of being criticized or not loved and so that you can continue to receive that love and affection.

-Maybe you are in your dream career, but you have this nagging voice telling you that you don’t belong, that you’re a fraud, an imposter, and when everyone finds out, it’ll be over for you and your career.

-Or the fear of failure so great that you often find yourself procrastinating. Or you’re afraid to try something new because you won’t automatically be good at it, so you think -why bother?


These are based on past programming,

conditioning, societal expectations, and norms.

These are what your limiting beliefs are rooted in.

These block your True Self and block your hopes, dreams, and goals, that you are trying to manifest.


-No longer having an internal struggle going on inside to “do the right thing” according to everyone else. Instead, you do what is in alignment with you.

-Having healthy satisfying relationships. The ones you feel seen, heard, loved.

-Being surrounded by people that support you and not tear you down or expect so much from you   without giving back. Where you can be accepted as authentically you.

-Being in your worth and your manifestations start pouring in, effortlessly. No longer dictated by that hyper-critical voice.

-No longer being dictated by fear. Instead take healthy risks with career, money, relationships, that align with your goals, dream, aspirations.

-Being in full control of your internal world. Where you are empowered to be Self-led.

This is magnetic!

Introducing True Self Manifestation

A first of its kind! This 8 week group coaching program uses the tenets of Internal Family Systems/Parts Work to get to the root of your subconscious blocks so you can be in your worth, aligned with your True Self, and empowered to not only take control of your life and live it like you were meant to, but to also manifest all the things you’ve always desired!

This AMAZING program is opening it’s doors spring 2024!!!

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To successfully manifest, we must be in our worth and in alignment with our True Self and the Universe.

Without our self-worth, we can’t manifest the life we’ve always wanted. And no amount of positive thinking or “good vibes only” rhetoric is going to make a profound enough shift to change it.

Let me repeat that:

NO amount of positive thinking or “good vibes only” rhetoric is going to make a profound enough shift to change it.

What are you waiting for? Join me on this journey to Align, Connect, and be Empowered to Manifest the life you Truly Desire!

My Three Pillar Framework


Embark on a journey of attuning yourself to the vibrant energy of your True Self, allowing you to harmonize with your inner world. This alignment empowers you to address the parts of yourself that are trapped in unhealthy patterns and cycles, which hinder your ability to manifest your desires.


Engage in the process of connecting, exploring, and nurturing relationships with the parts of yourself that have caused stagnation and disconnection from your True Self and the harmonious flow of the Universe. Break free from unhealthy patterns and cycles of the past that have dictated the course of your life. Transform into a Self-led individual, collaborating with these parts instead of battling against them.


Unlock your personal empowerment by identifying and embracing the authentic wants and needs of your True Self. Gain the wisdom and insight necessary to harmonize with the Universe, allowing you to co-create and manifest the life you’ve always envisioned, with the support of all the different parts within you.


Discover the power within you by aligning with your True Self and connecting with your inner world, to manifest and co-create with the Universe, the life you’ve always wanted.

Angel Minuto

Angel Minuto

Licensed Psychotherapist & an IFS-Informed Coach

I have years of experience in all things Internal Family Systems/Parts Work, manifestation, and a whole bunch of stuff in between!

I am passionate about helping women become the best versions of themselves. Build their self-worth and empower them to manifest their most amazing lives!

I believe the Universe has led me here, right to this. And I believe the Universe has led you here too. It’s not a coincidence we’re here.

True Self Manifestation (TSM) is my passion project, combining my therapy expertise, love for manifestation, and Internal Family Systems/Parts Work techniques. I found this was the missing piece in other New Age manifestation practices. And now I am sharing this with you!

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Angel Minuto is a licensed psychotherapist and IFS-Informed Transformation Coach, discussing all things manifestation, and Internal Family Systems/Parts Work. Each week she talks about how you can use Parts Work to tap into your True Self and work with the parts of you that have been sabotaging and blocking your manifestations, and frankly, your life, due to past programming, conditioning, and limiting beliefs that they are holding onto. Learn how to build your self-worth from within, align with your True Self and the Universe, to manifest the life you’ve always wanted!

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