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Manifesting Love? This Is What’s Blocking You

Relationship blocks are patterns and cycles in our subconscious that continue to play out despite wanting to manifest different results.

Money Blocks in Manifestations

Money blocks and manifestation. Done feeling frustrated every time you manifest? It’s time to get to the root of what blocks your manifestations.

How to successfully manifest

Get to the root of what blocks your manifestations. Bring about real, lasting change. This is how to be successful in manifesting.

Get to the Root

Get To The Root. Unlock Your True Self and Embrace Your Potential – Break Free from Limiting Beliefs and Achieve Lasting Transformation!

Imagine If…

Explore manifestation in “Imagine if” and unlock its secrets. Visualize to receive desires, embrace possibilities, and manifest your dreams.

True Self Manifestation Podcast

Did you know there was a podcast?

Angel Minuto is a licensed psychotherapist and certified Clini-Coach® discussing all things manifestation, and Internal Family Systems/Parts Work. Each week she talks about how you can use Parts Work to tap into your True Self and work with the parts of you that have been sabotaging and blocking your manifestations, and frankly, your life, due to past programming, conditioning, and limiting beliefs that they are holding onto. Learn how to build your self-worth from within, align with your True Self and the Universe, to manifest the life you’ve always wanted!