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Finding Your Authentic Voice: Navigating Life as a Self-Led woman

Finding your authentic voice and navigating life as a Self-led woman using the perspective of Internal Family Systems.

How to access Your true self energy

This post will explain how to access your True Self energy. But first, what is True Self? What is True Self? True Self is just another name for our authentic self, our higher self, our intuition. when we are in True Self we are open to the Universe. We are open to...

Breaking Free from Imposter Syndrome: Unleash Your True Self

Break free from the pervasive impact of imposter syndrome on our lives and well-being. Unleash your True Self.

Is this getting in the way of your manifestations?

Understand and harness the forces of confirmation bias to manifest a life of abundance, possibility, and self-empowerment.

Limiting beliefs are holding you back

I have seen time and time again women entrepreneurs, business owners, and career focused women be held back by their limiting beliefs.

True Self Manifestation Podcast

Did you know there was a podcast?

Angel Minuto is a licensed psychotherapist and certified Clini-Coach® discussing all things manifestation, and Internal Family Systems/Parts Work. Each week she talks about how you can use Parts Work to tap into your True Self and work with the parts of you that have been sabotaging and blocking your manifestations, and frankly, your life, due to past programming, conditioning, and limiting beliefs that they are holding onto. Learn how to build your self-worth from within, align with your True Self and the Universe, to manifest the life you’ve always wanted!