Hey there, I´m Angel and I want to help you Manifest your most abundant life

That life you dreamt of.

That you’ve been longing for. That you have been trying to get, but keep getting stuck. You know about manifestation. You’ve read all the books. Made vision boards. You tried as hard as you could to “stay positive”. I’m sure it even worked to some degree. You also knew something was missing, it wasn’t quite right. That spiritual bypass of positive thinking wasn’t siting well with you. It never sat well with me, either. This is why I developed this program.
I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Clini-Coach®. And I have many years of experience both personally and professionally with IFS and all things manifestation. I wanted to develop a program that would empower women to live their best lives.
Let me help you learn how to work through those barriers that have kept you stuck. Build your self-worth from within. And manifest the life you truly want. Your search brought you here for a reason. This is not a coincidence. You were meant to be here.

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Manifestation coach for purpose driven woman

I was there!

Going through the motions of life, I felt so disconnected from myself, like there was something missing. I spent years focused on everyone but me. I was a perfectionist. overly critical of myself. I mean really mean to myself. And I was an alcoholic. All the self-sabotage going on! And my self-worth took a hit. I knew there was more for me out there. Through years of exploration, getting sober, reading all I could on manifestation. I tried everything I could get my hands on. As well as reading personal growth books, listening to podcasts, and watching videos. Something clicked when I began learning about Internal Family Systems.

There was something missing.

I knew there was something more than positive thoughts, hell I tried that and kept finding blocks. I still didn’t feel good about myself. Not until I learned how to use IFS to get to the root of those blocks, befriend them, and tune into my True Self. I learned I can lead through Self and not my parts. I felt good. Worthy. I want to help you get in touch with that small inner voice, your True Self.


Help you begin to untangle the doubts, expectations, and beliefs, brought on by the parts of you that self-sabotage. These parts that show up as overly critical, harsh self-talk, people pleasing, unable to set healthy boundaries, and are hyper task oriented. Allow me to walk you through the process of engaging with these parts, building your self-worth as you build a relationship with the parts. Understand where they come from and why they are as insistent as they are. Then let’s go on this journey to explore what True-Self really wants! And how to get on the path that you were meant to be on so that you can manifest the life you’ve always wanted.

This is hard work.

This program isn’t for the faint of heart. This is hard work. But it’s going to be so F-ing worth it. We’re going to go down layers, tap into the subconscious mind and make new neuropathways so that you will be open to communicating with the Universe fully and co-create the life you were meant to have.

What is Blocking Your Manifestations?

Take this FREE quiz to discover what part of you is blocking your manifestations. Using an Internal Family Systems, Parts Work approach, discover what part is getting in the way of tapping into your True Self and blocking you from manifesting what you want, and what to do about it!

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Group coaching program to manifest your best life

I offer a 12-week experience, delving into Internal Family Systems, identifying the parts that have been sabotaging so you can build your self-worth. My program offers content including weekly videos, audio guided meditations, handouts, worksheets, and weekly group Q&A’s, teaching you how to work with these parts that have kept you feeling stuck and disconnected from your True Self. Learn how to tune into your True Self to see what you truly want from life and teach your parts how to help you manifest the things you truly desire!

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