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Imagine if…. Visualize Your Manifestations into Reality

I have been going back and forth with what I wanted to talk about today on the podcast. I really couldn’t make up my mind. So, I asked the Universe for guidance and the phrase “imagine if…” kept coming to mind.

I really like the idea around “imagine if…” is to think about what it looks like, feels like, will be like when you manifest the things you want. Without the blocks, barriers, constraints.

Who would you be?

How would you know something changed?

It’s time to put the energy into the Universe and manifest.

In the last episode, episode 9, I talked about how to identify if a part is blocking your manifestations. If you are on my email list, you also received an infographic walking you through the exercise as well. If you’re not on my email list, please sign up, I send a weekly newsletter and do try to add fun little bonuses like that infographic. Check out the show notes to sign up!

The concept around that exercise from episode 9 was to be able to gain awareness of a potential part blocking a particular manifestation, if there is a part blocking, you can begin talking to it and working with the part to help it allow you to bring this manifestation in.

Today I want to go further. I want you to be able to envision what it would look like if that manifestation came through. It can be the love of your life, a dream apartment, A fabulous new job, money, whatever it is that you are trying to manifest.

What Is Manifestation?

And remember, manifestations are bringing our hopes, dreams, and goals, to reality. Through working with the Universe, by being in our worth, aligning our energy to what we are calling in, and taking action steps towards that goal. This shows the Universe that you are ready. That you are serious about what it is that you want. It’s about tapping into our intuition so we can follow those intuitive hits from the Universe as she guides us on the path.

Tap Into Your Intuition

On that note, I do have a free offering, How to Tap into Your Intuition. It’s a guide on how to become mindful and connected with yourself, recognize if you are in the present or not. Being present and mindful of what is going on inside of you is so important to connecting to your intuition. This guide also has a couple of my favorite techniques to help regulate your nervous system if you are not in the present moment. This is seriously chock full of information and would be helpful to anyone trying to work with the energy of the Universe to manifest. Tapping into our intuition is fundamental in manifesting. The link is in the show notes, or you can go onto my website, to get it. So, pause this and do that now, then come back to me!

Imagine If…

So, let’s begin!

This exercise is designed to guide you towards your manifestations. Begin by getting in a comfortable position, taking a few cleansing breaths. Close your eyes and envision one of the things you are manifesting. Then ask yourself the following…

Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and your manifestations came through…

-What would this manifestation look like for you?

-Where are you? Who are you with?

-What would be different?

As you are envisioning yourself within this manifestation what do you notice? Any thoughts, body sensations? Can you look around and feel totally encapsulated in this vision? By any chance do you see anything that might be a clue as to how to propel yourself closer to this manifestation?

Most importantly though,

-How would you feel emotionally if and when this manifestation comes through?

Like really feel. And sit with these feelings. Let them wash over you.

Is it happiness, joy, a sense of peace, calmness? Maybe it’s freedom, security? Confidence? Self-love?

-If this is a little difficult to identify, you could ask yourself what would you no longer feel emotionally?

Maybe you would no longer feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or numb. No longer feel undeserving, unworthy. You won’t feel limited, frustrated.

Imagine if those feelings are no longer there, what feeling, or feelings would you like this manifestation to evoke?

Now if you are sitting there and things come up such as thoughts that you’ll never get this, it’s too hard to even think about, maybe you feel anxious or overwhelmed when trying to envision yourself already at the finish line, remember that these are parts. You can ask them to take a step back and unblend from you while you do this exercise.

Imagine if… you felt Empowered

You can even ask yourself, why am I trying to bring this into your life? What is it fulfilling for you? What does it mean to you to have this manifestation? How will your life change when this manifestation comes through?

Who will you become? Who are you becoming just in the process of this work?

I want you to feel inspired here. I want you to sit in the feelings this manifestation is evoking and really soak it in. Integrate it into your body.

This is what you’ve been working towards. This is who you are meant to be, free from those constraints, limiting beliefs, past programming, and conditioning. How will you shine?

How will you be empowered to move forward in this direction when you open your eyes?

Specific vs. nonspecific manifestations

When you’re doing this, it doesn’t have to be specific. You don’t have to envision the exact person you want to fall madly in love with. Instead, you can focus on qualities, traits, how this person will make you feel. Or with a new job, it doesn’t have to be an exact place, but it can be a generalization. Are you trying to manifest a work from home job? Envision what it would look like if you are working from home. Same with money, it doesn’t have to be an exact amount in your bank account, but what would it feel like to have financial freedom? How would that look? What would be different?

Sometimes we think we want something specific, but in reality, it is a feeling that we are trying to evoke. So, the Universe might give you something else instead. It doesn’t mean that it’s wrong because it isn’t the specific thing we are trying to bring in, it just means that the Universe understands deep down what we really want or need.

Some things I’ve Manifested

I’ve found that I can manifest specific things as well as non-specific things. For example, when my partner and I were looking for an apartment a few years ago, I decided to make a list of what I wanted in an apartment and manifest it.

We did find the apartment. All the way down to the color of the bathrooms. It also had off street parking, difficult in the area we were looking for, in unit laundry, and central air. The apartment hit everything on my list and more. It was fantastic!

I also manifested our current house. This one was less specific. I often joke that I manifested our house accidently because I would say that I didn’t want to stay in Buffalo NY because of the cold winters.

I said the only way I would stay in Buffalo was if I had an indoor pool. Thinking that this would probably never happen, I put it out into the Universe, and apparently, she had plans for me to stick around for a little while longer.

One day I opened an email from Zillow which usually advertised houses in California because I was always looking. At the time I wanted to move to California, Topanga to be exact. Instead, it advertised a house it thought I would like, in Buffalo.

Questioning The Universe

I scoffed at this mint green house. But something told me to just click on the link, so I did. As I flipped through the pictures, rolling my eyes at this house, I eventually got to the one that stopped me in my tracks. There was a pool. In the house. Not only that, but it was in the living room! Not its own separate space, but the living room. The living room is down a few steps off the kitchen and dining room. Both opened up and overlooked the living room and pool. I was in love. And the price was actually reasonable. This wasn’t a mansion with a pool. On the contrary, this was an older home with an addition put on that enclosed what used to be an outdoor inground pool.

I sent the listing to my partner and asked him to call his friend that is a realtor to get a tour. A few days later we were going through the home, and I got this vibe that this was right. This was where we needed to be. It was the middle of the pandemic and although I loved our apartment, it was not working with schedules and working from home. We needed more space. And space we got! I will be honest; it wasn’t all beautiful. As I said the house is old. Things have broken, major things, the pool turned purple at one point, don’t ask. But it is what we needed at the time.

Imagine if…is a feeling

This is what I mean by less specific manifestations coming in.  You can manifest from a feeling, or like I said, accidently manifest something. If the Universe wanted me to stick around for a little bit, this was the way to do it. And the house evoked a feeling. I wanted space, a sanctuary, a calming environment that I could design and decorate, work, do my hobbies.

Growth and Transformation are a part of manifesting

As I grow and evolve though, so do my wants, my dreams, desires, goals. I’ve realized that pool or not, winters in Buffalo are still unbearable for me. I can no longer take the cold. My body hates it, and the lack of sunlight truly depresses me in the winter. Sanctuary or no sanctuary.

So now I am manifesting a move to Tulum Mexico. This is something very much in alignment with me and my partner. There is a vibe in Tulum I haven’t felt anywhere else. I am called to it and feel my absolute best when I am there. Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Our house served its purpose, as the apartment did, but it’s now time to shift onto something more fitting within the next couple of years.

And that’s the thing, we can manifest things and then when we get them, we can realize maybe it’s not exactly what we wanted after all. Or we just continue to expand and it’s a natural progression.

Shifts and changes in what our goals are, what we desire, what we want to manifest. It doesn’t mean it was wrong, it served a purpose somehow. We grow and continue to transform. It’s okay to have a different perspective of things after the manifestation comes through. It really doesn’t hurt anything. It’s just part of the path.

There’s a couple of examples of things I’ve manifested. I’ve manifested all sorts of things, through the years, big and small.

Imagine if… you Began with something small

Beginning with small things helps built trust in yourself and your intuition. And being able to go through that exercise will help bring you closer to your manifestations because you are experiencing what it feels like in your mind’s eye. Which then helps you open up to having this in real life.  

Imagine If…handout

Because I think that this exercise is a wonderful way of evoking the right space for you to manifest, I turned this Imagine If… exercise into a handout! It has all the questions I asked right there on it, and you can use it any time with what you are trying to manifest! The link is in the show notes, so go grab it! I want you to feel empowered, to know what it is you want and how it will feel to get it. And it also helps the parts feel how good this manifestation will be as well.

I’d love to hear from you too if you do this exercise. You can email me at and tell me how it went! I read and respond to all emails!

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