Breaking Free from Imposter Syndrome: Unleash Your True Self

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To break free from imposter syndrome means we unleash our True Self. Is imposter syndrome ruining your life? When we feel like an imposter, we are unable to be authentically us. Keep reading to learn more!

Who hasn’t felt like an imposter at some point in their lives? *Raising hand*

Work can really activate this part of us. And when we feel like an imposter, we are not in our worth. We are not aligned with our authentic True Self.

Does this sound familiar?

You feel like a fraud, despite your achievements academically or in your career. You feel like you’ll get “found out”, that you’re a fake, a phony. Despite being high achieving.

You doubt your abilities, often giving credit to external factors such as luck instead of giving yourself the credit you deserve.

Increasing self-doubt, anxiety, procrastination, and perfectionism.

Did you know that imposter syndrome is more prevalent in women than men?

What’s the root?

Often stems from families that stressed success and achievements, putting pressure on you to succeed. There was a lack of positive reinforcement and much criticism if you were not successful.

Perfectionism and Imposter Syndrome go hand and hand.

How imposter syndrome impacts your hopes, your dreams, your manifestations-

Imposter Syndrome Impacts how you perceive yourself and your self-worth. You never feel like you are good enough, capable enough, or know enough.

You’re afraid to take healthy risks, you don’t feel qualified to go for your career goals even though you are, and you are just anxiously waiting to be “found out”.

Imposter Syndrome Impacts how you perceive yourself, therefore impacting your confidence and self-worth.

You discount your accomplishments and fixate on your flaws and failings.

Never feeling like you are good enough, capable enough, or know enough.

You feel inadequate, thinking that you have to be the best to be valued.

Imposter syndrome Results in…

-You are just anxiously waiting to be

“found out”.

-Being afraid to take healthy risks.

-Not feeling qualified to go for your career goals even though you are most certainly qualified.

-You don’t trust yourself because you are unable to internalize your successes, chalking them up to external factors instead.

-You’re unable to give yourself the credit that you deserve and earned.

You feel stuck, trapped in a cycle of having to prove yourself more and more.

You are overly critical of yourself.

Perfectionism, procrastination, anxiety, and overwhelm take over.

These are the things preventing you from moving forward with your goals, hopes, dreams, and manifestations.

This part of you is still carrying around all of the hurt from the past when you were criticized for not doing enough, being enough, or making a mistake. It still is hurting from not receiving that validation and reassurance that you are good enough no matter what. And also, you are amazing for all you have done and accomplished.

What to do about imposter syndrome-

We can get into True Self energy to shift our perception from what that part perceives to what IS reality. Then we can give that part that feels like a fraud the validation, recognition and reassurance that it is doing and has done a great job, even if it makes a mistake. We can also ask the perfectionist part to step aside.

Self-compassion goes a long way, and it improves our self-worth.

We can allow ourselves to make mistakes and see that this doesn’t mean that we are an awful person.  We can sit with the part as we witness that the world doesn’t crumble because of our mistakes. That we don’t lose the people we love, in fact they often love us more when they see we are human!


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