What’s blocking your Manifestations

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You’re parts are blocking your manifestations and Here’s Why.

How are your parts blocking your manifestations? The thing is, to be successful and consistent with our manifestation practice, we need to be in our worth, and in alignment with our True Self, to connect with the Universe. Our parts can pick up things throughout our lives that stop us from connecting with our TS. Instead, there can be a lot of fear, judgement, expectations, or limiting beliefs. Which doesn’t sound like we are in our worth or in alignment with our True Self.

This is an excerpt from Episode 3 of The True Self Manifestation Podcast. I wanted to talk about parts and what all of this means. This is through the lens of Internal Family Systems and the use of parts work to work with our parts. You might be asking what exactly are parts? In IFS, Parts are described as a person’s subpersonalities. Parts are best considered internal people of different ages, talents, and temperaments.

We are born with our parts

We are born with our True Self and we are born with our parts. The parts are what make us human, they help us navigate the world.

However, throughout our childhood our parts take on new jobs and roles in order to keep the system safe. They become either vulnerable parts or protector parts. The vulnerable parts are parts holding traumas or emotions or behaviors deemed as “bad”. These vulnerable parts get exiled away. And our protector parts work tirelessly to avoid those vulnerable parts from becoming activated or triggered. Or from coming out of exile.

These parts often blend with our True Self, which feels like we have lost all control.

I’ll give an example, say you have this shitty interaction with your boss. They are reprimanding you and at that moment you feel really small. Maybe like a kid getting in trouble at school or reprimanded by your parents. Then you feel shame, guilt, then increasingly anxious, you ruminate and overthink the interaction. You lose sleep over it… These are parts taking over the system.

That feeling small is the first part, most likely a vulnerable part remembering all the times it was reprimanded in the past. But you feel it. That guilt, shame, maybe sadness. This part is blended. And then the Anxious part tries to protect the system by trying to come up with ways for that never to happen again, while also going over it over and over again.

The Angry Part

Using the same scenario but swap anxiety for anger. Instead of getting anxious, you get pissed. This part wants to burn the mother fucker down. But ultimately it is trying not to feel that original feeling that the vulnerable part felt, that guilt, shame, sadness.

The protector parts are trying to keep the system safe. They are trying to keep the vulnerable parts from becoming activated or triggered. And they learned how to do this at a young age and kept going despite the fact that you inevitably can handle the situation more effectively, if given the opportunity, because you are now an adult, your older, wiser, you are no longer that child with limited resources. But our parts don’t get this. Not until we tell them, anyway.

Through years of programming and conditioning, Our parts continue to exile away parts of us that they think are more harmful than helpful. We lose more and more sense of us. Because our parts are there to help us navigate the world successfully. Even though they think they are trying to help us, ultimately they aren’t.

Our Shadow Parts

These are what I call shadow parts. You have probably heard about the shadow self which was coined by psychoanalyst Carl Jung. He saw it as “the uncivilized, even primitive side of our nature.” We all have a shadow self. It is generally made up of the parts of ourselves we deem unacceptable. For many people this means things like our sadness, rage, laziness, and cruelty.

Our shadow parts could ultimately be any part that was deemed as unacceptable by our caregivers, school. For instance say as a child you wanted to be a baker there was a part of you that loved to bake. It brought you so much joy. But you were told by a parental figure that it was not acceptable. You couldn’t make a living as a baker, that you’re wasting your time and that you should pursue a field that is stable and will bring in a good income. Now the other parts heard this and realized that this part that loved to bake was not helpful to the system, so it becomes exiled.

There is so much depth to our shadow parts. So many things that we miss out on because those parts are being exiled away. Our shadow parts aren’t scary like they may seem. They’re usually children. They are younger versions of us. They’re our inner child that just needs love. But we can’t get to them because the protector parts are trying to keep them from us for the sake of keeping the system safe.

The parts blocking our manifestations

The thing is it doesn’t work. It’s a faulty plan. This is because the protector parts are also usually young when they take on these roles. They don’t understand that things change. I think I mentioned this in the first podcast episode, but it’s like the parts have blinders on. They just keep doing their job without realization that we have gotten older, grown physically and emotionally. That if given the chance we, True Self us, can actually manage all of this with the help of the parts instead of the parts taking over. Remember the parts all have positive intentions and there are no bad parts.

when we’re manifesting, we want to be open to the universe. To be tapped into our true self so that we are energetically working with powers beyond us. We cannot when our parts constantly come in and blend with our true self. Often making it difficult to even go there to manifest or connect with the Universe. Or maybe what the parts want to manifest is not really in alignment with our authentic self, our True Self. That’s where we have issues.

Our self sabotaging parts are a lot of our protector parts that have taken on these roles based on what has happened to us in the past. They sabotage so many aspects of us, including our self worth. When our parts are working for us instead of with us we’re not able to tap into true self nor are we able to really feel worthy.

Self-Sabotaging parts blocking manifestations

Self sabotaging parts including the inner critic the people pleaser, the perfectionist, the procrastinator, the caretaker. These are just a few examples of the self sabotaging parts that I’ve seen the most, when we’re looking at what is is blocking our manifestations.

These parts are tired. They mean well, but they wind up blending. And unbeknownst to them, they wind up blocking our manifestations. We can’t feel really in our worth, if we are constantly having that critical part, tearing us down. And we can’t truly understand what it is that we want in life If we can’t tap  into our True Selves.

The Perfectionist part

Using that perfectionist part example. Here’s another way that parts block our manifestations. The perfectionist part is trying to get it perfect. Just the process of manifesting itself. It is overthinking the process, analyzing the process, afraid to fail or make mistakes. and you don’t get anywhere. Because this perfectionist is saying the process itself has to be perfect. However, that’s not true. If that part is taking over and you’re noticing that you are really focusing the process and it has to be absolutely perfect. You’re not in True Self.

Love and Light Part

Getting it perfect goes along with the idea of the law of attraction. As well as the other types of New Age manifestations practices that are all about positive thinking only. We could have a part of us that winds up taking on this new role that I like to call the “love and light part”.

This part thinks that it is the best thing for this system, to be absolutely positive. All the time. Positive, positive positive, just love and light, love and light. What it’s doing is it is pushing away any other part that has any other feelings. It also is like “we’ll just meditate on it” or “we can’t think that way, only love and light”. Maybe you’ve noticed this, you can see people who try to evoke this love and light only positioning, which is this part. This part is trying to take over, or is taking over. But in their eyes you can see there’s something else there. It’s probably anger. Possibly feeling overwhelmed, frustration, anxiety, something else. But those parts are just not allowed in.

Parts blocking Self-Worth

When we have that love and light part that is saying “well let’s just meditate and just think positive”, because it’s trying to do all the right things. It is completely disregarding and invalidating all of the other parts. We need to be able to feel and express all of our emotions. That’s what being in our self worth is all about. When we can effectively express all emotions, even the ones that people deem bad. If we can express these emotions in a healthy manner, we are in our worth.

We need to notice if our parts are coming up, and if they’ve been blending with us, Learn how to be in tune with ourselves. We need to reconnect to us our bodies, and have awareness of what is going on internally. That way we can catch when the parts are blended. We can ask them to take a step back, give us a little space. Then we can engage with these parts While we’re in true self.

Women are disconnected

Women are so disconnected from ourselves in our bodies. This process helps you learn how to reconnect with yourself. Recognize the parts, True Self. Gain that empowerment and that control over your internal world. Begin to have harmony. Bring out maybe those shadow parts, and reparent those vulnerable parts. Work with those protector parts so that it could be much more easier and manageable for all of you. Including the parts. The parts are exhausted. When we’re able to ask them to take a few steps back, we can ask them to give us some space, we can engage with those parts of us while we’re in True Self.

What parts are blocking your manifestations?

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However, parts of you have picked up limiting beliefs and behaviors throughout your life that prevent you from connecting with your True Self. There is a lot of fear, judgment, past programming, and conditioning, taking a toll on your self-worth. This prevents you from being in alignment with your True Self.

This is why your manifestations aren’t coming through.

to manifest everything you want, you need to be in our worth, and in alignment with your True Self. Then you can connect with the Universe and manifest! Find out how Here!!

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