What is True Self?

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True Self is just another name for our authentic self, our higher self, our intuition. when we are in True Self we are open to the Universe. We are open to receive what the Universe has to offer. When tapping into True Self we intuitively know if we are on the right path, or maybe we need to go a different route all together.

I wanted to talk about what true self is and how we know if we’re in true self. Or, if we are tapping into our intuition. This is an excerpt from episode two of the True Self Manifestation Podcast. To listen to the full episode, click here.

Internal Family Systems and True Self

True Self goes by many names. However, in IFS we call it True Self. IFS also has a great way of recognizing if we are in True Self or not and that is the 8 C’s. These are:

Curiosity, calm, clarity, connectedness, confidence, courage, creativity, or compassion. In other words, are you feeling open? Are you open to possibilities, open to what is coming up for you at that moment. It does not need to be all of the 8 C’s at one time. You just need one at the very least, this is when you are accessing our True Self energy.

Always searching

We are searching for answers. not just when we’re manifesting, but in reality, throughout our lives. We are always looking for meaning, purpose. Oftentimes we feel stuck. That’s the whole thing, right? We feel so stuck. We feel like there’s more out there. But we can’t seem to figure it out. I have found that this is because it’s our parts that are trying to figure it all out, not True Self. Or it’s our parts blocking us from figuring it out. Have you ever noticed how you feel when you are doing some soul searching, or manifesting? Do you notice any anxiety, anger, sadness, guilt, shame? These are all parts. anxious is a part, anger is a part, sadness is a part, shame or guilt are definitely parts. This means that we are not in true self, we are not tapping into our intuition.if you’re noticing other thoughts, other feelings, If you are not noticing one of the 8 C’s, or that feeling of openness, you are noticing parts of you instead. To learn more about your parts, read this blog post, or listen to episode 3 of the podcast on parts!

Accessing True Self

So what if I told you that you had the answers all along? That they were just getting clouded by preconceived notions, societal expectations, and limiting beliefs. But when we’re able to separate ourselves from all of that noise, we have the ability to see things clearly. And to get the answers we’re searching for. We have that ability to access our True Self.

I want you to think about a time when you felt one of these one of these eight C’s. When was there a time you were curious about something? You felt confident? Creative? You had a sense of calmness come over you? That is what True Self is. That is your intuition! Can you remember that feeling? Can you recreate it? What would you need to be able to do that again? Now I want you to just get quiet for a few moments. Think about that time you felt like you were in true self. really notice that? Notice how you were feeling? Can you feel it again right now? What does it feel like? Maybe you feel relaxed, maybe you’d notice less tension in your body, maybe a little tingly, possibly less noise in your mind.

When you are in True Self

This feeling this energy shift you feel when in True Self. This is you getting in tune with the Universe. And this is where the magic happens. So when I tap into True Self energy, I drop into my body. I notice sensations, thoughts, feelings, I ask any parts that appear to be there to step aside.

there is a guided meditation that the founder of IFS, Richard Schwartz created. It’s on Insight Timer, If you didn’t know, Insight Timer is a meditation app that’s free. There is a paid version of it, but there are so many wonderful free offerings on it as well. I will add the link at the bottom of this post. Richard Schwartz has a whole bunch of Internal Family Systems guided meditations on the app. But what I want to talk about is The Path. It is incredibly helpful because he walks you through this idea of this path, like in a forest. And as you’re going through it, you are unblending from your parts. You will actually ask the parts to step aside so that you can access your True Self.

That’s what I’m talking about here. When we are accessing our True Self, it means that the parts are not in control, our true self is in control. When I know I’m in True Self energy, I notice almost kind of like goosebumps all over me, like a subtle vibration. And that’s my cue that I am tapping into my intuition. You could be different, which is why it’s a great idea to practice tapping into True Self often. Then you can decipher what is True Self? And what’s a part?

Just so you’re aware, we can not actually be in just true self 24/7. Our parts are here for a reason.

Self-led and Manifestation

Even though our parts are here for a reason, we can be Self-led. This means True Self is in the lead. And the parts are helping True Self navigate through life. When we’re tapping into True Self energy, we’re opening up ourselves to the Universe, our spirit guides, who ever is they’re trying to help us out. And we are paying attention to those clues that remind us if we’re on the right path, or maybe tell us we need to pivot. That way, we’re no longer actually being ran by our parts. And that’s the great thing about this and manifestation, we need to be able to tap in to our intuition.

This way we are seeing beyond what we physically know. What we actually think we know. Our parts only know what we know. But when we’re tapping into our true selves, that intuitive knowing, we’re able to access the universe. Then we can listen, find out what the Universe is trying to offer us, what it is providing. Tell us if we’re on the right track.

That’s how we manifest. We need to have this energy that is just not just our own energy. But like our intuitive, True Self knowing energy is beyond us. And how magical is that? It’s amazing. Absolutely amazing. When we’re trying to put things out into the Universe, when we are manifesting, we need to be in that True Self Energy. We need to be able to tap into that intuitive knowing, without the parts in the way blocking us or sabotaging us. Then we can follow and let the magic happen.

Is it You’re Intuition or a Part?

I often get asked, How do I know it’s intuition. A great way to figure this out is to notice if there’s a feeling around what you suspect is your intuition. What is that feeling? Oftentimes, we think that we think it’s intuition, but really, it’s anxiety. Our parts are always trying to keep us safe. So that anxious part might come up.

People confuse anxiety with intuition all of the time. With intuition. There isn’t a feeling there’s a knowing. It’ll come in like it was meant to be there. It will just pop in. It’ll just be like, “Huh, that’s right”. There will be a calmness to this. And calmness is one of those eight C’s of true self. When we can identify the difference between that intuitive hit, and what could be anxiety or another part, we gain incredible awareness. Often times our parts can get scared, because they don’t know what in the world is happening. Fear of the unknown is a parts, not our intuition. Our intuition doesn’t care care about the unknown. This is because it knows that it’s right.

That’s the important piece. Things may be scary, like getting an intuitive hit that you need to quit your job. Or you keep getting this intuitive hit that you need to move. Now, parts might come in afterwards and say, “oh, yeah, but wait, what about this?” “What about this thing coming up?” The parts will have a million excuses why not to do the thing. This is when we have to really evaluate. Talk to those parts, help them through all of this. Ask them to step aside so that we can actually do what we are intuitively told from the Universe.

The 8 C’s

Remember the 8 C’s, Curiosity, calm, clarity, connectedness, confidence, courage, creativity, or compassion. In other words, are you feeling open? Are you open to possibilities, open to what is coming up for you at that moment. You do not need to be in all 8, one will do. This will help you distinguish between True Self and your parts. This will also help you be able to pay attention to what the Universe is offering to you. Pay attention to the clues, those intuitive hits. And co-create the life you’ve always wanted with the Universe!

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