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In this post I’ll explain how self-sabotage interferes with your manifestation practice.

First, what are some self-sabotaging behaviors? Examples include: perfectionism, people pleasing, harsh inner critical voice, or procrastination. There are more, yet I find these are usually the most common.
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But how does self-sabotage interfere with our manifestation practice?

To be successful and consistent with our manifestation practice, we need to be in our worth, and in alignment with our True Self to be able to connect with the Universe. Self-sabotaging behaviors come from a place of fear, judgement, expectations, or limiting beliefs. None of these sound like we are in our worth or in alignment with our True Self.

Using an Internal Family Systems (IFS) parts perspective lens, our self-sabotaging behaviors are parts of us. If you would like to know more about IFS, I wrote a blog post about it recently here. These parts took on new jobs or roles in our childhood as a reaction to what we were dealing with at the time. Our parts have positive intentions. For example, if a caregiver was critical of us, a part of us will take on this role. the intention is to “keep us in line” to try to mitigate the caregiver being critical of us. Or another example, the people pleaser part. This part most likely came about out of fear of rejection, abandonment, or insecurities, that it picked up earlier in life.

Our inner critical part and our people pleaser part both came from good intentions. But, through the years that inner critic judges us. It sabotages our successes, work, and relationships with ourselves and others, often resulting in low self-worth, insecurities, and inadequacy. The people pleasing part puts the emotional need to please others first. This is out of fear of rejection, abandonment, or insecurities. And results in the inability to set healthy boundaries, increased feelings of resentment, dissatisfaction, and a loss of self.

In these two examples we begin to understand how our parts do more harm than good, although well intentioned. I want to say that our parts are trying their best, they don’t know any other way and feel compelled to do their jobs. Our parts are also usually exhausted, overworked, and overwhelmed. They want to help us.

So, what do we do?

Why don’t we help them? By learning how to get into our True Self energy, we can begin talking to our parts. Build a relationship with them and offering new ways to help us. Or even ask if they would like to take a break sometimes. Everyone needs a break! In case you were wondering, we cannot get rid of our parts. This is something you can reassure them of because it is a big fear for them. Once we understand their perspective, we gain an understanding of why they have taken on this role for so long. And with this we can become more compassionate and be more open to the part.

We can work through these self-sabotaging behaviors by exploring our parts. With this, we are building a foundation that will expand our worth. It will lead to connecting fully with the Universe and amplify our manifestation practice.

Now you know how self-sabotaging behaviors interfere with our manifestation practice. Would you like to learn more about how to work with those parts that sabotage our manifestation practice? Please check out my e-course. It includes a video with guided meditation, worksheets, and infographic. Click here to access it! Start changing your life, one part at a time!


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