Internal Family Systems and parts Work

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The Ins and Outs of Parts Work and Internal Family Systems

I wanted to write a blog post briefly explaining Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Parts Work, so you get an idea of the basic concept and how it relates to manifestation. let’s get started!

Richard Schwartz, the developer of IFS, explains it best in this quote: “Internal Family Systems is a powerfully transformative, evidence-based model of psychotherapy. We believe the mind is naturally multiple and that is a good thing.  Our inner parts contain valuable qualities and our core Self knows how to heal, allowing us to become integrated and whole. In IFS all parts are welcome.” If you’re interested, you can read more about IFS here!

It isn’t unusual to have multiple parts. And it doesn’t mean there’s anything “wrong” with us that we do. Because we all do. What we are talking about is the idea that we can notice different aspects of our personalities come out at different times. Have you ever said “a part of me feels this way, but another part of me feels that way”? Or that you feel torn by something? Or even that old saying of the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other? Well, those are parts! The part of us that feels compelled to people please, maybe one that is very responsible, or the part that keeps us organized and on task. See what I’m saying here? Our parts are in our conscious and subconsciousness.

We are born with our parts just like we are born with our True Self. Our parts work with our True Self to help us function in the world. I go into more detail about True Self in this blog post here.

Now that we have that down. What does IFS actually do?

Well, we find that our parts often take on new jobs and roles throughout our lives, often in childhood, based on our experiences. For example, a part could take on the role of perfectionist if it saw that you were reprimanded for not doing a “good job”. This part is trying to avoid the hurt and pain the system felt by being reprimanded. The thing is, when our parts pivot to these new jobs and roles it’s like they have blinders on. They are just trying to do their jobs. Our parts always have positive intentions. However, they are also usually very exhausted, overworked, but they don’t feel like they can stop.

That’s where IFS and Parts Work come in.

The concept of Internal Family Systems and parts work is to work with the parts of us that are stuck in these jobs and roles. We build a relationship between True Self and the parts, and even allow the parts to choose new jobs that are still in alignment with their intention, something they want to do. Our parts can even take a break if they would like.

The intention of this is to put True Self in the driver seat, and the parts help navigate. I use the analogy of a control room. Kind of like the movie Inside Out (which is so much about parts, If you haven’t seen it, check it out!). We want our True Self to be in the lead with the parts as the copilots. We also want them to get along. Because sometimes they don’t. Thinking of parts as families, I use the analogy that parts often bicker, like siblings. They might try to boss or bully one another, and usually won’t listen to each other. Another reason why it’s crucial to have True Self in the lead, whom the parts will listen to. Sometimes though, our parts take over and throw True Self out of the control room and barricade the door! We work with the parts to prevent this through building that relationship and trust.

But what does this have to do with manifestation?

Using Internal Family Systems and Parts Work, we can work with the parts of us that sabotage, albeit not purposely. We can end these behaviors at the root. Remember I said some of our parts are in the subconscious? That’s where these self-sabotaging behaviors reside. As we do this, we are not only breaking this cycle for good, but we are also building our self-worth, honing our intuition (ie: True Self), leading to us being open to what the Universe has to offer. We are free from the constraints, cultural and societal pressures, and beliefs that are not in alignment with our True Self. And that my friends, is where the magic happens! If you haven’t already, put your name on the waitlist for my upcoming program True self manifestation. Where you will learn how to do all of this and more! Click here!

So there you have it. The basic premise of IFS. In future blog posts, I will go into greater detail about the types of parts. So stay tuned!

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