True Self and Manifestation

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What is True Self and why is it important for manifestation?

True Self is another name for our authentic self, higher self, intuition, even soul, or spirit. You’re probably familiar with the phrase as it gets used interchangeably with the others. True Self is our essence. As I explained in this blog post, True Self works with our part daily. And our parts are what make us human.  

Our True Self, on the other hand, is what connects us to the Universe. It’s an energy, a feeling, a knowing. True Self is free of pressures, expectations, fears, anxiety. It just is. It’s that gut feeling when we know something is not right, even if we can’t prove it. It’s that intuitive hit we get to check something out or notice something we haven’t before. When we are in True Self, we are in tune with ourselves, mind, and body. We are present. And we are in alignment with the Universe.

Why it’s important for manifestation?

True Self is our gateway, our path to the Universe. When we are in True Self, we can talk to the Universe, feel the energy. It’s a direct link to her. And this is also when we notice the Universe talking back with those gut feelings and intuitive hits. If True Self isn’t in the room, or in other words, if the parts have taken over, we are unable to connect with the Universe. That doesn’t mean we attempt to get rid of our parts. I talk more in depth about our parts and our self-sabotaging behaviors in the blog post, “self-sabotaging manifestation.” Read it here!

That also doesn’t mean we can only be in True Self with none of our parts around, ever. This is impossible. Buddhist monks that have been meditating daily for 30 years can’t be in True Self 24/7. But that’s okay! We don’t want to. Instead, we want to utilize the power of True Self to work with the parts of us that block our meditations, give those parts the things they were never able to receive including validation, love, or compassion. So that our parts can work with True Self in our meditation practice and not against us. And this is why True Self is important for manifestation.

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