Fear and Manifestation

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Break free from the fear impacting your manifestation practice.

Fear keeps us stuck. But how do we know we need to break free from the fear? And how does it impact your manifestation practice? Let me start with fear. The fear I am talking about comes from our past. Those limiting beliefs and programming we received as children. Those little or not so little nudges that told us we aren’t good enough, or capable, or won’t succeed for various reasons. These are the fears that keep us stuck. That keep us from not moving forward. The fear of the unknown, the fear of change. How did we get here?

Our brains are interesting. For as much as we’ve evolved as humans, our brains and responses to threats have not evolved. To our brains, everything is a perceived threat, which at times is helpful. Walking in the dark alone, or noticing our surroundings and being aware of what is going on, is good, and necessary. Changing jobs, taking a healthy risk, pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone, this is not so good. But our brains don’t understand the difference. Add to that the limiting beliefs, programming, social and societal norms and pressures, and we become afraid to do anything. That fear part jumps in at any inkling of change. Reminding us that we are not able, or capable, or lists the numerous reasons things will go wrong, even if those reasons don’t logically make sense.

Why do we listen to it?

These fears are rooted in our subconscious since childhood. We believe that they are true, even though they are not. I’ll share an example. When I was young, maybe 11 or 12 years old, I joined my school’s basketball team. From the start I heard the coach tell the other girls not to pass the ball to me because I wasn’t any good at it. And of course, I wasn’t. I had never played before. But it didn’t mean that I wouldn’t get better with practice and some encouragement. I didn’t get this though. Not from my coach or my parents who blindly agreed with the coach (it was a different time when I grew up). So, I eventually quit the team and did not attempt to try any other sports throughout my schooling. I had this self-concept that I wore like a badge of honor that I was not good at sports. Years later as I got into other activities like tennis, power yoga, working out, running, and the like. I realized that I was kind of competitive and pretty good at physical activities and sports. Dare I say I was athletic? I started reevaluating this limiting belief that had been following me since childhood. But the biggest “aha” moment I had was when I did my first ropes course. You know, those courses up in the trees with ziplines and climbing walls, and all that? I did it! I chose an advanced course, and I completed it! It felt amazing!

We don’t have to have these types of “aha” moments to change our beliefs. Although helpful, that fear part won’t let us get to a point of trying something to see if the belief is valid or not. However, we can gain awareness of our limiting beliefs and programming.

Journal exercise:

You can start by asking yourself:

Where have I felt stuck?

What comes up for me when I think of this?

Just listen for what comes up. This isn’t a time for judgments or invalidating what pops in your mind. Jot down whatever comes up.

Now, do this for the other areas in your life you are feeling stuck.

Then look at the list, are there any themes?


Common limiting beliefs?

Pay attention to any parts of you that are seeking to minimize or invalidate this. For instance, if you hear yourself say something to the effect of “oh, but that was so long ago, I don’t believe that now”. That’s another part of you, and that thought process isn’t helpful to the fear part that feels like this is true. So, when these types of thoughts pop in, ask them to step aside.

Once we have an idea of what our limiting beliefs are, we can engage with the fear part while in our True Self. We can build a relationship with this part and then we can ask this part to step back when it becomes activated. We can also give the fear part the compassion and support it needs, so that it can trust True Self can handle whatever it is this part is afraid of. Empowering, right?

How does fear impact your manifestation practice?

When we are in a state of fear, perceived threats, fear from the past. Fear based on past experiences, limiting beliefs, and programming. We are unable to connect with our True Self. We need to be able to align with our True Self so that we can align with the Universe and be open to what she has to offer. When we are in a state of perceived fear- and again I’m not talking about actual fear- our system is in survival mode. Our sympathetic nervous system is in the fight, flight, freeze, fawn response. We need to be in the parasympathetic state of rest and digest. Here’s an article to learn more about the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

So, fear impacts our manifestation practice because we are unable to tune into our True Self. We need to feel safe and secure. By working with that fear part and asking it to allow us to make decisions. Decisions based on the present, what we know now, and not the past, we are aligning with our True Self and with the Universe. This is how we manifest the life we have always wanted. Aside from the fear that has kept us stuck.

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