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I often talk about aligning with the Universe on my social media, newsletter, and in my blog posts. But what does it mean to align with the Universe?

When we align with the Universe, it means that we are free of blocks and barriers that are getting in the way of connecting to something bigger than us. It’s the energy that is beyond us but is connected to all of the things. You can call it the Universe, higher power, God, whatever feels right to you. I, personally call it the Universe. There is no right or wrong answer.

What’s Blocking you From Aligning With The Universe?

What are those blocks and barriers that get in the way of aligning with the Universe, you might ask? Blocks come in many forms. I have noticed that with women particularly, limiting beliefs are the main culprit to blocking us from being in alignment with the Universe. These limiting beliefs are usually rooted in childhood and really hurt our self-worth. These beliefs could be, “I’m not worthy”, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m undeserving”. Which can get in the way of manifesting career goals or relationships. We could have a lack mentality, or a scarcity mindset around money. The thing about these blocks is that they can be unblocked. That acknowledgment right there is empowering. The limiting beliefs often play out in our behaviors and mindset, including perfectionism, procrastination, people pleasing, caretaker, and inner critic. These are self-sabotaging behaviors that keep us out of alignment with the Universe.

These self-sabotaging behaviors are parts of us that have been forced into these roles as a way to protect us and keep us safe. They haven’t caught on that these jobs they are doing are no longer helpful. And that these things lower our self-worth. If you would like to learn more about how to gain awareness of these limiting beliefs check out this blog post here!

How to Align with the Universe

When we can identify and detach from the parts of us that block us from the Universe, we are able to tap into our True Self. When we are in our True Self, this is when we are in our worth and can align with the Universe. This doesn’t mean that we have ridden ourselves of these parts, or pretended that these parts don’t exist. That is spiritual bypassing. The Universe isn’t keen on this. Instead, when we learn to work with the parts of us that are sabotaging, we gain the ability to become Self-led, meaning our True Self is in the driver seat.

Since True Self is our authentic self or higher self, this is when we are tapping into the energy that is bigger than us. Learn more about True Self in this post here! We cannot be in True Self 24/7, and we cannot get rid of our parts. Our parts are what make us human. But we can be Self-led. We can work with our parts, heal the parts that need to be healed, and teach them new ways to help us that are not sabotaging. This is how we not only manifest but also amplify our manifestations! Yes! You heard me correctly; we can teach our parts to help us manifest!

True Self Manifestation

This is something I teach in my upcoming program, True Self Manifestation. In it you will learn how to improve your self-worth by tapping into your True Self, work with the parts that are sabotaging you so that you feel connected to your True wants and needs, and allows you to manifest the life you always thought you could have. Check it out here!

What’s Blocking Your Manifestations?

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