The Secret to Manifestation

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Let’s talk about the secret to manifestation.

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It’s the thing that we forget about or maybe don’t even realize is needed to be successful manifesting that life we’ve always wanted.

And the secret to manifestation is… being in our worth.

This is fundamental. This is the key to manifesting. And it’s not talked about enough. It’s bypassed a lot of times with an unspoken assumption that we are in our worth.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we are! There are also times when we’re not and we are trying and trying, visualizing, doing all of the things to bring in a manifestation. But it won’t come through.

That’s because we are not in our worth.

The Difference Between Self-Esteem and Self-worth

Before I continue, I want to talk about what self-worth is and the difference between self-worth and self-esteem.

Self-esteem stems from external factors — like approval from other people or how you perform on certain tasks.

Self-worth comes from within. You can think of it as a deep-rooted internal belief that you are worthy of love and respect, regardless of your accomplishments or abilities.

Both self-esteem and self-worth can play a part in your overall well-being, as well as your ability to maintain relationships, advance your career, and function in everyday life.

low self-esteem can also contribute to anxiety and depression.

Low self-esteem and self-worth may lead you to:

Shy away from challenges

Avoid advocating for yourself.

Lack motivation to pursue your goals or dreams.

Feel insecure in relationships.

Stay in toxic or abusive relationships.

Low Self-Worth and self-esteem come from our parts

low self-esteem often has defense mechanisms or parts that can get in the way of success and take a further toll on self-esteem. You might, for instance, be:

More likely to self-sabotage by not making an effort to avoid the possibility of failure.

Or you could get wrapped up in imagining and planning for the worst possible outcomes, leaving you feeling stuck, afraid to move forward because you’ve already decided that it will be awful.

While your caregivers often model and shape your self-worth early in life, you can still build up your sense of self-worth even if you didn’t get enough love, support, or encouragement as a child. Using Internal Family Systems, we can work with those parts that didn’t get that love, support, or encouragement as a child and reparent them.

When we have parts of us that are holding and therefore projecting onto us criticism it heard from childhood, people pleasing, or perfectionist tendencies, this blocks us from being in our worth. Because we are not working from a place that is fundamentally us. We are working from a place of conditioning, programming, expectations, and pressures.

When we allow someone to cross a boundary out of fear of hurting their feelings or of not being liked, our worth takes a hit. We know when this happens because we get a feeling. Kind of a gut feeling that we should have said something, advocated for ourselves, instead this part only wants to keep the peace. But it hurts us.

This is why being in your worth is the secret to manifestation

Benefits of high self-esteem and self-worth:

Pursue new opportunities.

Speak up for yourself — say, when asking for a raise or setting a boundary

Identify and maintain healthy, fulfilling relationships.

Better navigate life’s obstacles

Enjoy greater success at school and work.

Have better physical and mental health

Both self-esteem and self-worth are important, but self-worth has a more essential role. Unlike self-esteem, self-worth provides a stable sense of mental and emotional armor that external forces can’t sway easily.

When we’re in our worth, we can accept feedback without taking it personally because we want to grow, expand, get better at something, we aren’t afraid to make mistakes or fail because we understand that it is part of the process and isn’t a fundamental view of us as a person.

And I will add that when we are tapping into our True Self we are tapping into our worth. You can see why this is the secret to manifestation!

Being in your worth when manifesting

If we feel good about ourselves in one or more areas of our lives, we can definitely see manifestations come through in these areas. If you feel good about yourself at work, you might be able to manifest bigger career goals. However, if we struggle with other areas, say relationships, this might be where we notice manifestations not coming in. It’s not all or nothing. And everybody is different.

What I’ve learned is that the universe isn’t going to give us what we are asking for until it thinks we are ready for it and that we can handle it.

If you are trying to manifest a new career but you’ve always been put down at your job, making you constantly second guess yourself and not have trust in your abilities. Or you struggle to set and maintain boundaries at work. The Universe isn’t going to come through.

Think about it, when we are in that state, what would change if you had a new career? Most times, nothing. We’re still going to struggle with boundaries, we are still going to second guess ourselves and not trust our abilities. The Universe knows that we aren’t ready. Not until we do that work inside. Sometimes we do need to change jobs to be able to see this and build our worth up. These can be stepping stones. Steps in the right direction. To help us learn how to trust ourselves and practice setting boundaries, preparing us for that big manifestation. It also helps build our worth.

how do I build my worth?

First, become aware of your internal world. What are your parts saying to you?

Where are you critical of yourself? Notice this particularly when things go wrong. This can be very telling. Is the critical voice your own, or somebody else’s like a caregiver or somebody that frequently scolded you?

As you notice your internal world, you can begin recognizing what is a part and what is True Self. I get into these on the True Self Manifestation Podcast, in episodes 2 and 3. So go take a listen if you haven’t already!

Get curious about this critical voice, start to build a relationship with it. Then ask yourself how can I talk to myself more compassionately? If you aren’t sure, ask yourself, how would I say this to a friend. We are usually much kinder and forgiving with our friends than we are ourselves. So use that!

Second, Nurture those healthy relationships that are supportive and caring.

The ones that believe in you and reinforce your worth. And believe them. It might take time but do it!

Third, Recognize all wins, no matter how small.

In the face of challenges, it can be easy to lose sight of all you’ve accomplished. So I recommend making an ongoing list of all your achievements — even seemingly small things, like getting enough sleep for a full week or remembering to pack a healthy lunch for work.

Keeping the list where it’s easily visible then offers a constant reminder of your successes.

I celebrate all wins, big and small. Everything I give a little pat on my back for it. It feels good!

Forth, Watch the comparisons. Instead of comparing yourself to others, who have a completely different set of circumstances, resources, needs, and challenges, try comparing your present self with your younger self.

Journal Exercise

In your journal, or as a freewriting exercise, try asking yourself a few key questions:

What have you learned?

How have you grown?

What accomplishments might surprise your younger self?

And finally, have a mantra.

Something that you can say to yourself, or your parts that can shift their perceptions. This is so helpful after we’ve started building a relationship with our parts. Because our parts don’t know what else to do beside what they’ve been doing. You can teach them a new way, instead. Something like I am strong and capable of handling whatever life throws at me. Or I love and appreciate the things I’ve done for myself today.

Lean into the discomfort

When we are doing things that are aligned with our self-worth, it’s going to feel uncomfortable at first. This doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It just means that you are no longer working from past conditioning and patterns. These feel comfortable, but they’re not in alignment with your True Self or your worth. Discomfort is growth. When you notice it, give yourself some props for that! You’re on the right path!

So there you have it! The secret to manifestation! This is an excerpt from The True Self Manifestation Podcast, Episode 4, The Secret to Manifestation. If you would like to hear the full episode where I go into this deeper check it out here! You can also find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify,Google Podcasts, and everywhere else podcasts live!

Announcement: New Course

Did you know I have this new amazing mini course? It’s How to Manifest Without the Self-Sabotage. This is how you uplevel your manifestation practice!

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I know you want to be successful with your manifestation practice. You feel called to manifest everything you want!

However, parts of you have picked up limiting beliefs and behaviors throughout your life that prevent you from connecting with your True Self. There is a lot of fear, judgment, past programming, and conditioning, taking a toll on your self-worth. This prevents you from being in alignment with your True Self.

This is why your manifestations aren’t coming through.

to manifest everything you want, you need to be in our worth, and in alignment with your True Self. Then you can connect with the Universe and manifest! Find out how Here!!


Podcast Episode Two: What is True Self.

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