How to Manifest What You Want

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This is a question I see often; how do I manifest what I want. This question is simple and to the point. And I wanted to answer it today.

Let’s start with the definition of manifestation-

According to the Berkeley Wellbeing Institute the word ‘manifestation’ means to create something or turn something from an idea into a reality. In psychology, manifestation generally means using our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to bring something to our physical reality.

I also liked this definition that they offered, manifestation as the conscious creation of the circumstances and outcomes that make for a fulfilling life.

Here I am discussing manifestation through the lens of how I perceive it with Internal Family Systems.

Manifestation is all about using the energy around us and within us. We’re all made up of energy and we are all interconnected. This means we are also connected to the Universe. When we are connected to this energy, we are in alignment with our authentic self, higher self, intuition, or I like to say True Self. When we are tapped into True Self, we are in our worth. However, We are holding onto things subconsciously that block or sabotage that connection from True Selves, our self-worth, and from the Universe. And those are our parts. You can learn about True Self and your parts in the podcast episodes 2 and 3. Links below!

Most of us are familiar with manifestation because of the Secret and the Law of Attraction, positive thinking, resulting in getting what you want.

With the Law of Attraction, or other new age manifestation the concept feels simple. If I think positively, everything I want to manifest will come through. And for some, it does. I won’t discount that. But it is missing components with the simplicity of it all. We can’t just “will” something and suddenly, a million dollars shows up in your bank account. I wish! Haha!

That is because these new age manifestation models try to manifest from the conscious level. But they are bypassing what is going on subconsciously.

We have parts holding onto insecurities, fear, and shame in the subconscious. These are rooted from trauma, limiting beliefs, conditioning, past programming. These are the things that keep us feeling stuck and unable to move forward.

Not just with manifestation, but in life too.  So, no amount of conscious thought processes like positive thinking is going to undo all of this.

In IFS we get to the root. We find that part in the subconscious holding those limiting beliefs and love them, reparent them, and heal them. This is how we are able to open ourselves up to manifest.

Not only that but I’ve heard time and again from clients, friends, acquaintances that they tend to get down on themselves when they are unable to think positively. It becomes another way to point out to ourselves that we aren’t doing something right. This leads to this shame and guilt loop. I am doing something wrong.  Something is wrong with me, or I can’t do anything right. Does this sound familiar at all?? This loop cycle hurts our perception of ourselves and our self-worth.

How to Manifest what you want

To manifest we need to be connected to our True Self, our worth and the Universe. But that’s not all.

So often we are functioning based on past programming, conditioning, limiting beliefs, and societal pressures and expectations. These are parts. This isn’t True Self. It isn’t our intuition. As we develop a relationship with our parts, build trust, heal them, reparent them, give them new jobs and roles, the more we build trust with our True Self and the parts and the more we are able to connect with the Universe. Hear those intuitive hits and follow them knowing that it is the right thing to do.

Even if the logical part of you doesn’t think it makes one ounce of sense! At this point, the logical part will know it can trust True Self you to know what you’re doing.

Our intuition helps us along the way. If we pay attention to the nudges and intuitive hits the Universe gives us, and we follow them, this builds up trust in ourselves. It starts to shift that perception we have of ourselves.

We Innately have self-worth

True Self innately has self-worth. When we are born there are many factors that come in that decrease our self-worth including how we were raised, cultural, race, sex, sexuality, socio-economic background. Women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, statistically show lower self-worth due to adversity, criticism, harassment, bullying, not feeling accepted, or feeling a sense of belonging. If we can relate to the people we see most in power, control of things, main characters on television, high profiles in our communities, which is most often white cis heterosexual males, this gives an innate sense of belonging and privilege.  Even if there is adversity and trauma that representation subconsciously affects how people feel about themselves as a whole.  Which is why representation is so important. With more privilege, comes more inherent self-worth because of this.

So, we must build that worth up, but It’s in there! It’s about helping the parts holding onto the limiting beliefs, conditioning, programming, etc. Through this process, our self-worth grows and is more accessible to us. Self-worth is an important piece to manifesting because we have to be ready to receive what the Universe has to offer. If we don’t feel good enough, the Universe isn’t going to provide. And this isn’t a punishment by the Universe. This is so we can succeed with what we manifest. We can continue to prosper and grow as we continue to receive what we are bringing in.

Manifesting and negativity

I have been thinking a lot about negative thoughts manifesting bad things. I have said previously that the Universe understands that we are not perfect, that we are going to have bad days. But if we continue to work through those things, the Universe sees this as growth, transformation. And she wants to help us.

But going further, I have a theory I’m working on and that is, we are unable to manifest bad things. And this is because we’re not in True Self. If we aren’t in True Self, then we are being blocked from the energy of the Universe. IF we aren’t in tune with True Self and the Universe, how can we manifest? That’s the premise of all of this. Therefore, we can’t manifest bad things either. Just something to think about.

Working with those parts, building our worth, and listening to our intuition is just part of the process of manifesting.

As we work with our parts, we will begin to identify blocks, our self-sabotaging behaviors. We build a relationship with these parts to have a harmonious internal world. We want our well-meaning parts to work with us, not against us.

The next component is taking action steps towards what we want to manifest. This is when we listen to those intuitive hits and nudges from the Universe and act on them. Things are not going to just appear if you are not aligning your actions with what you want. It’s about co-creating, not sitting back and waiting for it to happen.

What blocks manifesting what we want

If you are trying to manifest a new career, but that part is still traumatized because of the bully in 7th grade, and you feel unworthy of that new job. It won’t come through because it’s being blocked. And because of this, the Universe will not think you are ready for it. You probably aren’t taking the steps needed to move in this direction due to fears and concerns that are no longer relevant. Even though the parts think they are.

Same with a relationship, if you have a part that hasn’t healed from past unhealthy or toxic relationships, or all you have witnessed are unhealthy or toxic relationships, the part will continue pulling you into the same types of relationships. The part does this to try to get it’s needs met or be validated by the same type of person that has hurt you before. It’s almost like they are looking for vindication. Like the part is saying “I can make it right this time” or “this time this person will love me”. The part doesn’t understand that it’s the wrong type of person.

Ask Yourself

Can you imagine who you would be if you no longer were constrained by limiting beliefs?

Who would you be if you were no longer running off a script from the past?

How would you feel if you could manage the things that come up in your life without the reactions being tied to past events?

How would it feel to be able to sit in the discomfort of change instead of going into the comfort zone of the same patterns? The ones that are actually uncomfortable and make you feel unhappy and discontent?

I want you to think about the endless possibilities when you didn’t have all of the noise going on internally.

We want to be able to work with these parts. Not invalidate them, not ignore them. They will get louder if we ignore them, btw. This is what I mean when I say that we can’t just use positive thinking only. It invalidates the parts that are hurting and need our help. This is spiritual bypassing.

But Imagine being free from all of this. To be able to have peace a sense of calm, and harmony internally. To feel empowered and in control of what is going on inside.

Our parts only positive intentions for us. They don’t want to cause us harm. They just get confused along the way and think they are helping us. When we build relationships and trust with these parts, they stop blocking True Self and they stop blocking us from being in our worth. When we take control of our internal world, this is where the magic happens.

Manifesting is the byproduct of this work

And honestly, manifestation is just the byproduct of this work. This is what I mean by that.

Yes, you will be able to manifest everything you want. Whatever is in alignment with your True Self. And also, you will feel good about yourself. You will feel confident. You will be able to handle stress with ease. Manage anxiety effectively. Have healthy relationships because you are in your worth and can set healthy boundaries, communicate what you need from True Self and not a hurt part. Be able to welcome money in effortlessly. Take healthy risks, put yourself out there. All of this is possible and it’s a damn good life when we are present, tuned in, and aligned with our True Self and the Universe. When we can ask the parts to help support our goals, our dreams, our manifestations.

How you manifest what you want

So, this is how to manifest. We need to be in alignment with our True Self, working with those part of us that are blocking our worth because they are working from past programming, conditioning, limiting beliefs, and societal pressures and expectations. By doing so, we are building our worth and we are listening to our intuition. We decide what it is that we want to manifest, and we build trust internally with the parts and with the Universe, following those nudges and hits. We take action towards our manifestations, and then they come true.

If this is something that has piqued your interest, I want to invite you to check out my new mini course, How to Manifest Without the Self-Sabotage. This Mini Course uses Internal Family Systems/Parts Work techniques to teach you the foundations of how to tap into True Self, your authentic self. Then, explore the parts of you that are functioning from past programming and conditioning, the ones sabotaging your manifestations. Learn how to separate from and build relationships with these parts, giving them an opportunity to take a break. So that you, in your True Self energy can connect with the Universe and manifest the life you’ve always wanted!

This is the only system you will find that uses this evidence-based model to manifest.

This content is valued at over $250 but I’m offering it at $97. You know you want to take control back, feel empowered, and no longer running off of past programming.

This is the show notes to episode 5 of the True Self Manifestation Podcast. Listen to the podcast here.


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