Do you Have a Fear of being seen?

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Could be an inner child that needs healing.

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Show Notes for Episode 26 of the True Self Manifestation Podcast

I recently asked my email subscribers to volunteer to do a Parts Work session with me for the podcast. Today I have one of those brave volunteers, Stacey Dewitt. On this podcast we get to the root of Stacey’s fear of being seen, being successful, worries of being judged. If you’re someone with an online business, or internet presence, and so on, I’m sure you can relate, I know I do! And we explore how these fears block her from manifesting the career she knows deep down is the path for her.

Stacey is from Western Montana. She has spent 17 years as a mental health therapist and is now a spirituality coach. Stacey empowers people to realize their true worth so they can show up authentically. As we were recording this, I could really feel this beautiful energy emanating from Stacey. She has a passion for all things connection. Connecting to others and helping others connect with themselves. To love and accept themselves for who they authentically are.

It was a joy and an honor to work with Stacey. If you would like to check out her offerings, the links to her website and YouTube channel are below! I invite you to go check her out!

Fear of being seen

Stacey is someone that has spent years doing the work, gaining insight and awareness into her patterns, connecting deeper with herself. And that energy truly shows throughout this podcast. However, just like anyone that is pivoting careers, she is noticing blocks about being seen, judged, being successful, abundance in all areas of her life. Stacey noticed that these blocks brought on fear, anxiety, worry, and insomnia. These fears of being seen and other worries are blocking Stacey from manifesting success in her new career.

In this Parts Work session, we begin to work with a “manager” part that keeps Stacey in a state of “doing”. As Stacey mentions, she wants to be more in a state of “being”. That state of “being” is where the magic happens, after all. That’s where we connect to our True Self, our higher self, and connect with the energy of the Universe.

What we discover as we work with this part is that by doing all the things, she can avoid the uncomfortable feelings of putting herself out there. Stacey is no stranger to uncomfortable feelings but as we dig deeper, finding an inner child part, Stacey admits something comes up that has never come up before.

Inner Child

This podcast explores what goes on deep inside our subconscious. Sometimes we logically try to figure out why we do what we do or why we are the way we are. Or we try to dismiss or invalidate ourselves attempting to push away the past. This only exiles parts of us further into the depths of our shadows. What we witness here is a perfect example of not knowing the answer until we get to the root and ask. But not only ask, but also listen. Validate, reassure, have compassion, and curiosity.

When we connect with our inner child and give it the love and compassion it needs. Then help it release what it has been holding onto all these years, we can bring it out the shadows. This where the deepest healing happens. This is what opens us up to connecting further with our True Self and the Universe.

In this episode we go beyond that “manager” part, that inner child part the manager part is protecting and how it connects with Stacey’s blocks. Click above to hear what we uncover. Or listen to this episode anywhere you listen to podcasts.

If this has inspired you and you would like to work with me one on one, I offer IFS-Informed Manifestation Coaching packages, the link is below. You can schedule a free 15-minute discovery call with me right from there!

Show Notes
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