What would Beyoncé do?

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Beyoncé is a legend. She is fierce. She’s someone we want to emulate. We want what she has within ourselves when we’re looking for courage, strength, assertiveness, fierceness. That’s why when clients come to me saying that they have these big hopes and dreams, but feel like they could never pull it off, I ask “what would Beyoncé do?” What would it take to go out there and be that person we want to be. That person we know we can be. To tap into that inner Beyoncé, an alter ego, one we already have or can cultivate within us. It doesn’t have to be Beyoncé, it can be anyone that resonates with you, anyone you admire, look up to or want to emulate.

Beyoncé’s alter ego

But who knew even the great Beyoncé had her own alter ego, Sasha Fierce, when she performed! Even Beyoncé felt like she must tap into another part of her to be that person we see performing. When I first heard that I was like “no way?!”. Even Beyoncé needed a little help.

Beyoncé has since said she no longer feels the need for Sasha Fierce. In an interview with the Daily Mirror, she was quoted: “I don’t need Sasha so much any more because these days I know who I am. It takes time to figure out who you are and I am still discovering different things about myself – as I am exposed to different experiences I think, “Oh, I like this, I didn’t know I liked this.” That’s the journey of life that is so exciting. More and more I know who I am, I know what I like, I know what I want and that makes me feel so free. I don’t need to hide any more.”

That inner Beyoncé or Sasha Fierce, these are all parts.

We can tap into parts of us to help us on our journey as we explore who we are, get comfortable doing things out of our comfort zone. I talk a lot about how parts of us get caught up in limiting beliefs, past programming, conditioning, blocking, and sabotaging our manifestations and various aspects of our lives. But I don’t talk enough about how they can and do help us greatly. We just need to tap into these parts. Or learn to cultivate these parts of us to help us be the person we want to be. Remember, there are no bad parts. All of our parts have good intentions, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

So, how do we cultivate or unearth these qualities and characteristics?

First, it is essential to know the qualities and characteristics you want to cultivate or unearth. Sometime this is easy. You just know. You wish you could be more assertive, outgoing, or brave, for example.

Sometimes it’s not that easy to know

This is usually because another part of you is feeling apprehensive, or too anxious to let these characteristics shine. This part could be afraid of who you would become when you embodied these qualities and characteristics. Or it is afraid of what other people would think of you if you did. It’s trying to keep you safe.

If you feel like you are being blocked, you can still get clues through noticing the people you admire, people that you’re “pulled” towards. It might be a feeling rather than a conscious acknowledgment. Then you can ask yourself what is it exactly that you admire about this person? Is that they are confident? Passionate? Daring? What is it about the people you are “pulled towards or gravitate to? Do you like their ease in life? Tenacity? Maybe they have healthy boundaries? Whatever it is, this is a mirror. It is telling you how you would like to go through this world.

Write down the qualities and characteristics you wish to embody and visualize.

Ask yourself if there is a part of you that would like to help you with these qualities and characteristics? See if you can hear or feel a yes. This is where the magic comes in. Visualize yourself with this part, looking at it. Then visualize a bright white light coming from the sky, washing over this part. And as it does imagine this part of you being enveloped with these qualities and characteristics.

Imagine how it would feel to embody these, really feel into it. When it feels like this part is done receiving all these amazing qualities and characteristics, take some time visualizing yourself being that person. Putting to use those qualities and characteristics. Visualize real-life scenarios in which you would be this person. This is great practice for you and the part! By doing this, you are teaching that part when you want it to help you. Then the part will know when it gets it’s time to shine!

If there is a “no”.

Remember how I said parts could be blocking you from having these qualities and characteristics you want to embody out of fear? This is most likely where the “no” is coming from. If this is the case, take a few moments getting into True Self and talk to the part. Ask if the part is willing to talk about it step back or unblend. If it is willing to talk, ask what it’s afraid would happen if you embodied these qualities and characteristics? Get curious with this part, show compassion, validate this part. Then see if you can come up with a solution. Are the fears valid? Or is this part afraid of something that happened a long time ago that is no longer an issue?

If so, let the part know that. If the part is fearful that you will upset people with the new you, preferring to people please instead, ask the part if it can trust you and your intentions, that you will keep this part safe. If so, then ask if this part would be willing to step back. Or, if this part would like to help you in this way instead of the way it has been trying to help you. Then let the part decide. If it chooses to step back, see if another part would like to embody these qualities and characteristics and go through the exercise above. If this part would like to embody these, then go through the exercise with this part.

Don’t forget to practice!

Visualizing yourself embodying these qualities and characteristics tells your brain that this is how you want to show up in these situations or scenarios. When we visualize things, using our five senses while we do it, our brain doesn’t know it isn’t real. It thinks you are doing it in real life. You are retraining your brain to show up in this way, creating new neural pathways. So, it’s not just magic but science too! Don’t get down on yourself if it’s awkward at first, either. Just keep at it, in real life and through visualizing to strengthen those new neural pathways. Soon, it’ll be second nature!

Let your parts help you cultivate and unearth those qualities and characteristics you’ve always wanted to embody. Tap into your inner Beyoncé. Show up as the person you truly want to be, who you truly are, free from the fears the parts are holding on to. Can you imagine the possibilities?

Don’t forget! Leave me a comment below to tell me how this went or email me at angel@trueselfmanifestation.com. I would love to hear about it. Same goes if you have a question, get stuck, anything! I’m here to help!


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