Money Blocks in Manifestations

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Money blocks are a real thing, not just in manifesting money, but in life in general.

If you read posts, articles, listen to podcasts around money, you’ll notice a theme about the psychology of money. This is because financial influencers began noticing that people get caught up in their perceptions around money, otherwise known as money blocks. No matter how much or how little money they have. These perceptions influence how people deal with money, and can result in poor money management, overspending, underspending, scarcity or lack mindset.

Financial knowledge is very important, but they continued to see people, who have the financial knowledge continue to have perceptions that sabotage their goals. Think about it, you probably have knowledge around what a healthy lifestyle looks like, but maybe you can’t quite get into a routine. Knowledge is power, but it’s only the starting point.

My Money Blocks

When I began manifesting and doing this work, I noticed I had blocks with money. I wanted to manifest more money (I’m sure I’m not alone here!), so I got quiet and put it out to the Universe. Then I listened. And what came up was very interesting. There was a part of me that felt that there wasn’t enough money to go around. This part thought that if I manifested more money and other people manifested more money, it wouldn’t work. The money would run out.

I found this fascinating! I have the belief that money is energy, the more that is needed or wanted the more it will come. So, I didn’t know where this came from. Maybe it came from being told growing up that “money doesn’t grow on trees”? So, I dug deeper, asking this part of me where it got this worry about money from?

Where my money blocks came from

I was so surprised by what came into my mind. Various memories of my parents talking about money began playing through my mind. It was like a montage of memories all put together with the same common theme. That theme was the negativity my parents had towards people with money. According to my parents: “money changes you”, “people with money are selfish and greedy”, “they just like to flaunt their money and rub it into other people’s faces”. They had a general disdain for people that had money and I didn’t realize how much these views seeped into my subconscious and became these core beliefs that essentially were blocking my manifestations.

You might be wondering how the part went from “there’s not enough money to go around” to “people with money are selfish and greedy”. That’s the funny things about our parts, sometimes their fears, worries, or concerns line up with the core belief so well you can understand immediately why it feels the way it does. Other times, like this example, the part went a different route to keep me from being one of “those people” that are “selfish and greedy”. Instead, it focused on the idea that there wasn’t enough to go around, so why bother. It was more of a passive attempt at blocking, I guess!

Common themes with our parts

With our parts there are usually common themes, common misconceptions, common blocks. However when you follow the thread the root of it is often different. You might be wondering why this is. I’ve been working with parts for a long time, between my own parts, my clients in private practice as a psychotherapist, and now with TSM. What I’ve come to learn is there are common patterns based on our gender, sexuality, race, socio-economic status, but the root could be different based on programming and conditioning we picked up on from caregivers, family members, friends, teachers, society. We might have different stories of where it all began, but it becomes a patterned thought or misperception that is all too common. Which is why we often have more in common than we think with each other.

Back to the money blocks…

If someone were to ask me at the time all of this came up if I believed it, I would have said no. Which is why I was so surprised when it came up. Logically I do not think that people with money are selfish and greedy. I know the importance of being financially stable, financially independent, especially women.

I do believe money changes people, but let’s be realistic, it should. Just like any other influence in our lives, we are going to change and grow. I also believe that there are people that have a lot more money than they should and they do not do much with it. I’m looking at you top White Male billionaires. And I also know that statistically women who make more money in general often give back more, are more generous with their money. However, this part that I found hiding out in my mind didn’t receive this memo.

I could have ignored this part, knowing that I don’t believe this and try to ignore it, invalidated it, or dismiss it. I also knew if I went this route it would continue to block my manifestations. These beliefs were deeply rooted and if I wanted to admit it or not, they impacted me. So, I had to admit it, face it, with compassion, curiosity, and without judgment, to help this part let go of these beliefs.

Connecting with the part

Instead of dismissing, ignoring, or invalidating this part, I began connecting with it. Aligning with my True Self, I worked with this part to help it let go of these limiting beliefs so that it no longer is burdened with them. Then I asked the part what it would like to believe around money instead? What new belief would it like to hold? The part found it very important to be generous with others, to help whenever possible, even little things like tipping well was important to this part. My heart sang at the generosity and compassion this part had deep down and how it aligned with my True Self. I just needed to give it that permission because ultimately it was afraid to disappoint my parents.

Parts are funny like that

Another funny thing about parts is that they often don’t know how old we really are. Strange but true. I have my clients ask the part how old the part thinks the client is right now, and then to just listen. Often, an age much younger than the client really is, will come into their heads. Usually, the part still thinks we are children or teenagers. Once the part gets reoriented to the notion that we are adults, they breathe a sigh of relief.

It’s comforting to know that we are adults, it’s a concept they understand. They just don’t catch on to the fact that we have aged until we point it out to them. They feel relief because they understand that we can handle things as adults that we couldn’t as children or teenagers. Also, their relieved because whatever threat was there, is no longer there. We no longer live under our parents or caregiver’s roof. We are no longer in 7th grade (you know what I’m saying!). We likely have much more autonomy. This is empowering to the part and to our internal world as a whole.

Getting to the root of the money blocks

This is how we get to the root of what is blocking our manifestations and illicit an internal shift in the subconscious. Because this is where the work needs to happen, internally, in the subconscious. As we work with those parts, shifting their belief systems to align with who we are now, what we want to manifest, those parts of us also create energy to bring that manifestation in. Our parts can help us with the action steps we need to take towards our manifestations, instead of trying to block or sabotage those steps. This is what True Self Manifestation is all about.

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