What it means to be self-led

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and why it’s important in manifesting

Manifesting truly works with we are in our worth, and a way to get in our worth, is to be self-led. But what does it mean to be self-led?

When I think of being Self-led, I think of tapping into our True Self, which is another name for our authentic self, or our intuition. When we are in our True Self, it doesn’t mean that we are the only one in the room. Looking at this from an Internal family Systems (IFS) lens, we begin to understand that we all have parts of us. Aspects of our personality. our parts are what make us human. They help us interact with others, manage daily life, complete goals, communicate, etc. However, sometimes our parts can try to take the lead.

What happens when the parts try to take the lead?

For instance, have you ever been so angry you “saw red”? Or “blacked out”? This is a part that is blended with you. It will feel like you don’t have any control of the situation. And really, you don’t. When our parts are blended with us, it means that they have taken over. This is why we want to develop a relationship between True Self and our parts. That way, we can recognize that a part is blending and ask the part to step back, step aside, take a break. Ultimately, we are asking the part to help us, True Self us, instead of taking over and doing the job on their own.

What we can learn to do instead.

Using the above example, when we get angry, instead of seeing red, and possibly doing something a part of us will later regret, we ask that angry part of us to step back, give us some space, and become the co-pilot. The angry part then is working with True Self, instead of for us. Our True Self is in the lead with the help of the part. Therefore, the part can help us in many ways including to set boundaries or be assertive. We feel more in control of our responses, we’re in alignment with ourselves, and it doesn’t trigger the part of us that would feel regret or shame around our response. Win, win!

When we are self-led, we are in our worth and in alignment with our authentic self, our True Self. When we are manifesting, being in alignment with our True Self is key to being open to the Universe to co-create the life we truly want.

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