Higher self, shadow work, inner child, and manifestation

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Internal Family Systems (IFS) integrates higher self, shadow work, and inner child work.

what does this have to do with manifestation, you might ask? I will tell you! You see, manifestation truly works when we are in our worth, and in alignment with the Universe. However, if we are not connecting with our higher self, aka: our True Self. We are not in alignment with the Universe. and if we have parts of us that feel unworthy for various reasons, often showing up as self-sabotaging behaviors, it continues the cycle of blocks for our manifestation practice. We are less likely to be able to tap into the energy that is needed to manifest. This is where shadow work and inner child work come in. By working with these blocks, we are able to tap into our True Self and to the Universe. These blocks are rooted in the subconscious.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) allows us to get into the subconscious

We can work with the parts of us that are blocking our manifestation practice. More so, it allows us to feel better about ourselves overall. Hello, self-worth! IFS allows us to get into our higher self, do shadow work, and form a relationship with that inner child that needs reparenting. By digging into these aspects of us, shifts begin to happen. We notice that we are no longer hyper critical of ourselves, we no longer feel bad setting boundaries, or saying “no” when we want or need to. This is where the magic happens! To learn more about Internal Family Systems. Check out this blog post!

Want to know what part is blocking your manifestations?

Take this FREE quiz to discover what part of you is blocking your manifestations. Using an Internal Family Systems, Parts Work approach, discover what part is getting in the way of tapping into your True Self and blocking you from manifesting what you want, and what to do about it!

And stay tuned for my new offering coming soon, True Self Manifestation. Where I take you on a journey through your parts so that you can manifest an abundant life using Internal Family Systems! Keep an eye out for updates in my newsletter and follow me on Instagram and Facebook!

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