When a part of you Is Out Of Alignment

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What do you do when your part is out of alignment with how you want to show up in the world? Or in this case feel good about how you handle family dynamics?

On this week’s episode, I have on special guest, Stephanie Pastore to demonstrate an IFS Parts Work session on one of Stephanie’s parts that becomes activated around certain family members and in recent relationship. We dig deep to find the root of why this part does what it does and worked with this part to shift this behavior.

Meet Stephanie

My guest today is Stephanie Pastore. Stephanie is 37, lives in Buffalo NY, she is single, never been married, no children, and she is a therapist with a love for astrology and let me tell you she’s good! She has this amazing knack of meeting people and intuitively knowing what sign they are. It’s very impressive!

Stephanie has been working with me for some time now with her parts which contributed to her leaving a tumultuous relationship recently, the grief and loss around this, as well as healing from and navigating difficult family dynamics, which is what we continue with today, just in time for the holidays.

When Your Part Is Out Of Alignment

These parts have been blocking Stephanie from aligning with her True Self. As you will hear, Stephanie identifies a part that we’ve worked with that struggled with societal norms and family pressures around marriage and children. When she was finally able to release that she was able to look at her life from the perspective of what she really wants, what her True Self wants. But there is still a part of her that gets activated when these things as well as others, as you will hear. This part she calls The Tone. Listen to how we are able to work with this part so that it can feel confident in Stephanie’s abilities to manage her family dynamics without taking over.

What an IFS Parts Work session is like

Since Stephanie and I have been working together for some time now, our way of approaching Parts Work is a bit laid back. Stephanie has been working with her parts for a while now and has developed her own way of visualizing and communicating with them. I say this because each person and each session are a little different. Each time is an adventure!

This episode is amazing, vulnerable, and raw. I really hope all of you enjoy this.

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