Manifesting love but keep getting stuck? Try this!

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Are you trying to manifest love but keep getting stuck? Do you feel blocked every time you try manifesting love? Do you notice you keep attracting the same type of person despite your best efforts to break patterns and cycles? If so, keep reading. This blog post also includes an amazing exercise to help you identify the parts that are blocking you from manifesting love.

Manifesting love is tricky

There’s a lot that plays into manifesting love. Many things that we don’t take into consideration, such as the relationships we saw growing up. Or how our relationships within our families were. There are so many things that can get in the way or play a role in how we view relationships, and this is what is blocking you from manifesting love.

When we think about manifesting love, we often make a list of the qualities and characteristics we are looking for, put it out into the Universe, and hold our breath waiting for that perfect manifested love to walk through the door. Maybe you give it a little nudge by downloading Hinge for the umpteenth time, hoping that this time will be different. Or you hang around the coffee shop for a few extra minutes, trying to make eye contact with that person who has caught your eye a few times.

I think many of us are looking for that meet-cute. That serendipitous moment when we meet the love of our lives, the one we have been trying to manifest for so long. The story to end all stories of how we met. I’m sure this happens, at least somewhere besides a rom-com.

The blocks are all in the subconscious

The thing is, you will continue to be blocked from manifesting love if you don’t deal with whatever is going on in your subconscious. This is why you are getting blocked. Parts of you are holding onto limiting beliefs, past programming, conditioning, that play a role in how you perceive relationships. Even if consciously, you know better.

If we look at this through the lens of Internal Family Systems, parts of you picked up on what relationships were throughout your childhood and young adult life. These parts learned if it was safe or not to express thoughts, feelings, if you could be independent within a relationship, or needed to be codependent. They learned how to be treated, loved. And if love was conditional growing up, all of which play a role in your romantic relationships as well.

This includes those patterns of attracting the same type of person. If you notice this, you are probably wondering why this is. Often times this happens because a part is trying to get redemption. If growing up you didn’t get your needs met, you didn’t get the love you needed, didn’t feel heard, and so on. That part that became hurt by this will try to seek it out. But It will try to seek it out by the same type of person that did this to begin with.

So if we had a parent or caregiver that struggled with showing love and affection, was emotionally unavailable, maybe narcissistic, this part will try to get their needs met by people that are emotionally unavailable, narcissistic, shut down, preoccupied. It doesn’t understand that these people are unable to give you what you need. This is where these patterns come in. Awareness of this is key.

The Parts blocking your manifestations

These parts of you learned ways to keep you safe in even the most unhealthiest of times. Our parts take on these new jobs and roles trying to keep us safe, feel love, but they don’t notice when we get older, have more autonomy, maybe moved, possibly removed ourselves from unhealthy relationships. They just keep doing what they’re doing, even if they don’t necessarily like it. They just don’t know any other way.

That is until you go in there and talk to them. And “in there” I mean into your subconscious, as your True Self. Then you can connect with your parts, and they can understand that they can take a break, take a step back, even do another job.  

How to identify these parts

When we want to learn more about our parts, get to know them, we must be in True Self energy. Anything beyond that is another part stepping in. this happens quite often! Our parts love to take over and do things for us, including talking to other parts. But our parts are kind of like siblings. If you had siblings growing up, did you listen to them? Were they kind and compassionate when they told you to do something? Or did it turn into bickering? It usually turns into bickering. Well, this is the same for our parts.

This is why it is important to be in True Self energy when connecting with your parts. There could still be some resistance, but with time they will learn to trust you and listen. This is because while in True Self you can show these parts compassion, curiosity, be open to what they have to say and their explanations as to why they do what they do.


An excellent way to find out what parts are blocking your manifestations is to take some time to get quiet with yourself. Sit somewhere comfortable. Grab a notebook or journal and pen to jot things down as you go through this exercise.

You can dim the lights, light a candle or incense if it feels right, set a mood for you to get into your True Self.

Take a few deep cleansing breaths. With each inhale tell yourself that you are bringing in openness, curiosity, and compassion, and with each exhale tell yourself that you are releasing tension, feeling calmer and more relaxed.

Once you feel like you are in a relaxed state, envision a scenario of you with your perfect mate. What is this person like? How do they act? How do they treat you?

What is going on at this moment? Is it the first time you meet? Is it further in the relationship? What are you two doing? Can you really get into the sounds, smells, feeling of it all? Speaking of feelings, what feelings does this scenario evoke? What feelings come up around how this person acts towards you or how they treat you?

Just notice, without judgment.

Then notice what thoughts are coming up. Again, noticing without judgment.

Jot down your thoughts and feelings you are noticing. Good and bad.

After you write these down, take some time to go through them. Are there any surprises?

For instance, did you notice discomfort with being treated well?

Did you have any thoughts that this was ridiculous? That the only people that act this way are in rom coms? Maybe that you’re undeserving or unworthy of this kind of relationship?

These are the parts of you blocking this scenario from manifesting.

Connecting to your parts

While still in True Self (and if you aren’t there, you’ll know if you are feeling irritated, annoyed, frustrated, or angry, for example, about your list) then go back to the breathing exercise to get back into True Self.

Once in True Self, begin engaging with these parts that are blocking this manifestation. Can you get genuinely curious as to where these thoughts or feelings came from? Ask the parts to show you why they feel this way. This will often bring you back to a time in childhood or early adulthood. Just go with it.

Can you reassure the parts that you and they are safe? That you and they are deserving of this love you are trying to manifest? Are you noticing resistance to this? If so, ask the part resisting what it needs from you to help trust you? If you aren’t noticing resistance, what are you noticing? Is there a feeling of acceptance? Maybe calmness? Relief? This is ultimately where you would like to be with your parts. This can take time though.

Practice is key

You might need to do this exercise a few times to build trust you’re your parts. And finally, ask if the parts are willing to step back so you can manifest this into reality? When there is trust in the system, the parts will happily step back, take a break, and even decide on a new job. One that is more in alignment with your True Self and with what you are manifesting.  

What’s next?

If you try this but find yourself stuck and need help, I offer one on one coaching packages! By working with me, I will walk you through the steps to align with your True Self and work with those parts of you that block your manifestations. Together, I will guide you on an internal journey through your subconscious and help you to connect with these parts, building trust in your True Self so you can become Self-led, and the parts can take on new jobs or roles better aligned with who you are and who you are becoming.

I offer a FREE 15-minute discovery call to see if this is a good fit for you. So don’t wait! Sign up now!

If the coaching package doesn’t seem like the right fit, I also offer a self-paced E-Course-How to Manifest Without the Self-Sabotage. This E-Course gives you the foundation of IFS, manifestation, how to align with your True Self, and invites you to explore your parts through a guided meditation. This is full of videos, handouts, and workbooks to get you on your way to ending the cycle and patterns that are subconsciously sabotaging your manifestations, and honestly your life.


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