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In this blog post I discuss what embodiment means, what embodying True Self looks like, why it is so important, and I even give you 10 practices you can incorporate into your daily life to begin shifting into embodiment of your True Self. So, let’s begin!

What is embodiment?

To embody something, it means to feel this- body, mind, soul. Not just in your thoughts or mental understanding of it. To embody something, it shows up in your actions, behaviors, how you hold yourself, how you communicate, and how you show up in the world.

You might also understand this through body sensations. That felt sense of awareness. It’s not about thinking your way into embodiment. This is why that mind-body connection is so important. To truly embody something, you need to be connected and allow that connection to guide you. 

Embodying True Self

When you embody your True Self, you are living in our authenticity. This shows up in your interactions, how you carry yourself, your perception of yourself and others, in turn, it influences the way you communicate, your relationships, and the way you think. Embodying True Self is a shift, a practice, and it’s empowering.

Embodying True Self means you are no longer running off invisible scripts from past programming, conditioning, and limiting beliefs. Instead, you are clear, in the present moment, and you feel that you are supported by the Universe.

Authentic embodiment means you are aligned with your values, beliefs, and your personal identify. Which means embodying your True Self can look different for each person. It’s an expression of who you really are without all the bullshit.

The difficulty with embodying True Self

It can be difficult to embody your True Self with all the emphasis on appearance, what you own, who you know, what you do for a living, for fun, on vacation. All of this is magnified with social media.

To embody True Self, it is helpful to first understand what is potentially blocking you from embodying your authentic self to begin with. In the beginning I mentioned invisible scripts, past programming, conditioning, and limiting beliefs. I will also add societal and family pressures and norms to these as potential blocks as well.

These blocks or as I like to call them, parts of you take over to try to meet the demands and needs of your external world. Because of this, when you show up you could be nothing like your authentic self. Instead, you could be people pleasing, or a perfectionist. This is because there are fears and anxiety around allowing others to see who you truly are. You learned from a young age that it isn’t safe to be you. That you won’t be accepted or loved. That your True Self isn’t worthy or deserving. That your uniqueness will be considered weird, and people won’t “get” you.

Parts Blocking you from embodying True Self

Those parts of you that are blocking you from embodying your True Self honestly mean well. They have positive intentions. They are just trying to keep you and the system safe and however this plays out, it is playing out this way because the parts don’t know any other way to do it.

Exploring embodiment of your True Self helps the parts understand that you, True Self you, can handle whatever it is that comes up. By embodying True Self, you are essentially building trust within the system, with your parts. And while in True Self you can also build a relationship with those parts, talk to them, so that they understand that it is safe to allow you to embody True Self. (Want to learn more on how to work with your parts? Check out my E-Course- How to Manifest Without the Self-Sabotage. Where I walk you through profound practices to build trust and relationships with your parts, allowing your True Self to connect with the Universe and manifest your most amazing life!

What is it like when we are embodying True Self?

Or in other words how do you get to a point where you no longer give a fuck about what other people think? Not in a rebellious way, because that’s a part. But more so in an authentic way where you feel solid with who you are and that is how you show up.

Embodying True Self happens when you become self-aware of what is truly important to you. This includes your values, beliefs, passions, strengths, and weaknesses. By aligning with these you are honoring who you are at the core.

Take on this awareness like an adventure, not a chore. Learning more and more about yourself to gain clarity around your thoughts, feelings, motivations, and intentions to continue growing and expanding. This is all accomplished without self-judgment. Self-awareness and introspection give insight on how you could potentially do better, be more in alignment, not to berate and belittle yourself.

Building self-acceptance through awareness

Foster self-acceptance for all parts of yourself, including those parts of you hiding in the shadows. Those are the parts that I think are the most magical. They hold the key to some of your best aspects of yourself that were unfortunately locked away a long time ago because this part of you didn’t “fit in”.

Accepting your quirks, weaknesses, and strengths, builds your worth allowing you to feel secure to show up authentically in the world.

When you accept yourself, it improves your overall well-being. You feel more content, more aligned, less fearful, worried, or scared. Not to say things will not present themselves and you won’t feel these emotions, you will. But when embodying True Self, you are able to process those emotions effectively, be vulnerable enough to talk about your feelings, and know enough about yourself to know what you might need to get you through a difficult time.

Embodying True Self is empowering

As I said earlier, embodying True Self is empowering in so many ways, including living life that is in alignment with your authentic self, through your values and beliefs. Confidently moving through life with integrity and honesty. As well as using the strength of vulnerability.

Relationships also shift when you are embodying True Self. When you are genuine and authentic you begin to attract like-minded people. These are the ones you build profound, healthy relationships with. You can be vulnerable without fear, disagree without judgment, feel connected on a deeper level.

You might be wondering how one embodies True Self. Below are 10 practices you can incorporate into your daily life to begin shifting into embodiment of your True Self.

10 practices that can help you embody your True Self

1. Mindful Awareness: Develop a practice of mindfulness, where you observe your thoughts, feelings, and actions without judgment. This awareness allows you to notice when you’re operating from a place of fear or societal expectation rather than your authentic self. Practicing mindfulness can include meditation, journaling, or simply spending quiet time in reflection.

I have a free guide-Tap into Your Intuition, that teaches you mindfulness practices you can use to gain that awareness. Click here to get it!

2. Self-Compassion: Embrace self-compassion as a daily practice. Treat yourself with the same kindness and understanding you would offer a good friend. This means acknowledging your struggles, forgiving your mistakes, and celebrating your progress, no matter how small.

By celebrating our progress, no matter how small, we are teaching our brain’s that the progress made is good. We are strengthening new neural pathways by doing this. I give myself props for everything and you know what? It feels great!

3. Authentic Communication: Practice speaking your truth with kindness and respect. Authentic communication involves expressing your thoughts and feelings honestly while also considering the perspectives of others. This can help strengthen your relationships and build trust with those around you.

Authentic communication is vocalizing your values, beliefs, and boundaries with integrity. I like to say, it’s keeping your side of the street clean.

4. Boundary Setting: Learn to set healthy boundaries that honor your needs and values. Boundaries help protect your energy and keep you aligned with your True Self. They can be set in various aspects of life, including personal relationships, work, and social media engagement. We often struggle with setting boundaries because we fear what others would think, how they would feel. But by doing so, we are missing the key point-how we feel. When we set boundaries, we are honoring ourselves.

5. Exploration and Curiosity: Cultivate a sense of curiosity about yourself and the world. Try new activities, explore different perspectives, and ask yourself deep, reflective questions. This open-minded exploration can lead to greater self-discovery and personal growth.

Curiosity is one of the 8 C’s of True Self. When we are being curious, we are evoking True Self energy at that moment. Therefore, we are viewing the world free from our past programming, conditioning, and limiting beliefs, our parts hold onto.  

6. Creative Expression: Creativity, another one of the 8 C’s of True Self. Engage in creative activities that resonate with your true essence. Whether it’s painting, writing, dancing, cooking, or gardening, creative expression is a powerful way to connect with and embody your True Self.

7. Connect With Nature: Spend time in nature to ground yourself and connect with the world around you. Nature has a way of bringing us back to our essence, reminding us of our role in the larger web of life, and helping us to see the beauty in our true nature.

8. Gratitude Practice: Regularly practice gratitude by acknowledging the things you appreciate about yourself and your life. Gratitude shifts your focus from what you lack to the abundance that is already present, fostering a sense of contentment and self-acceptance. This appreciation and gratitude also lets the Universe know that you are ready for more, that you won’t take what she has to offer, for granted.

9. Physical Movement: Incorporate physical activity that you enjoy into your routine. Movement can be a powerful way to connect with your body and listen to its needs. It doesn’t have to be intense exercise; it can be gentle yoga, a walk in the park, or dancing to your favorite music.

10. Community Connection: Surround yourself with supportive individuals who respect and encourage your journey towards embodying your True Self. A community that values authenticity and vulnerability can provide encouragement, inspiration, and a sense of belonging as you navigate your path.

Each of these practices offers a unique pathway towards greater self-awareness, acceptance, and expression. By integrating them into your life, you can more fully embody your True Self, leading to a more authentic, fulfilling life.


Embracing and embodying your True Self is a courageous journey of transformation that unfolds uniquely for each of us. It’s a path marked by self-discovery, acceptance, and a profound connection to our core values and beliefs.

As you integrate practices such as mindful awareness, self-compassion, authentic communication, and creative expression into your daily life, you unlock the doors to a more authentic, fulfilling existence. This journey is not about reaching a destination but about continually evolving, learning, and growing in alignment with our True Self.

Along the way, you cultivate deeper relationships, a sense of peace, and an empowering belief in your own worthiness.

Remember, embodying your True Self is the most profound gift you can offer to the world and yourself. It’s a beacon of light that guides you through the challenges and joys of life, illuminating the path to genuine happiness and fulfillment.

When we do this, we are not only embodying True Self, but we are connecting to the Universe. We are open to receive. We are open to those nudges, intuitive hits. It becomes more than just us, it becomes creative consciousness.

Start making a daily practice from some ot these things I offered, or some of your own to begin embodying True Self. Remember, it’s a practice. A life long practice. And that is okay!


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