Why intuition is so important for manifesting.

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Today I wanted to talk about our intuition, why intuition is so important for manifesting. But also, what it is, what it does for us, how to tell if it’s our intuition or a part of us stepping in, and rituals and tools to help you with your intuition.

What is intuition?

Intuition is this knowing that appears in our consciousness without any rational reasoning. It’s also known as a “gut feeling”. Not to be confused with that anxious gut feeling. These are two different things. But more on that later.

Our intuition is how our True Self speaks to us. We all have an authentic, True Self, or higher self. It can also be called our intuition, but I like to think of it as the way my True Self communicates to me. Or through me, as True Self is also connected to something greater than us, call it the Universe, Source, God, Higher Being, whatever it is that resonates with you, this is how it communicates.

This is why intuition is so important to manifesting. It’s our guide through aligned actions we must take to manifest. It’s that knowing that we are on the right path even when parts of us are confused, worried, or fearful. It gets us out of our heads to tap into an energy greater than us.

What do I mean by guide?

Our intuition will give us hints, nudges, opportunities, insights, sparks of inspiration, that all lead us on the path towards what we are manifesting. Or lead us on the path to where we were meant to be even if we don’t realize it.

That knowing that comes out of nowhere is your intuition. It can say to quit your job, move to a new location, end a relationship, take a different route to work, call someone you haven’t thought of in a while. There might not be a logical or rational reason for these, but you just know that it’s the right thing to do.

Is It Intuition or Anxiety?

Often, we mistake anxiety for intuition as I said earlier. The difference between the two is that anxiety is a feeling. Anxiety can feel different depending on the person and how overwhelmed a person is with anxiety. There’s mild to severe to all out panic attacks. Anxiety shows up as ruminating thoughts, flight of thoughts, meaning your mind is racing, lack of concentration, restlessness, heart rate elevated, sweaty palms, upset stomach, shaking, feeling jittery, shallow breathing, and so forth.

Knowing how anxiety feels to you is the key to deciphering between anxiety and intuition. If you are unsure of how anxiety feels for you, there’s an exercise I’ve done with clients that helps.

an Exercise in How to tell

Take a moment to get comfortable in a quiet space, grab a journal or notebook, no distractions, and recall the last time you felt mildly anxious. You are just noticing, like a neutral observer. As you recall this time you felt mildly anxious, and please choose something mild for this. Notice how you feel, what body sensations are coming up? What thoughts are popping in? What emotions are you feeling? Is only anxiety or are there other emotions as well? Then write it all down.

By having this awareness of how anxiety feels in your body, you will be able to begin deciphering between anxiety and intuition.

Check In With Yourself

Another way to do this is to check in with yourself a couple of times a day. By checking in with yourself you are gaining knowledge of what is going on in your mind and body. This becomes your blueprint into your internal world. How your thoughts, emotions, and body react and respond. Being connected to yourself, having that knowledge of how your internal world is, is empowering. Building this knowledge of what sets you off, what triggers you, how you react to things, gives you opportunities to pause in the moment, reflect, and respond instead of parts of you reacting. Again, it’s empowering!

To do this, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What am I thinking right now?
  2. What emotions are coming up around these thoughts?
  3. What am I feeling in my body?

Your Blueprint

This is connecting to yourself. Like I said this is giving you a blueprint of how your internal world reacts to things. This blueprint helps you begin to identify your parts. Our parts play a significant role in how we feel about ourselves, and as you’ve heard me say many times here, is the reason your manifestations are not coming through.

If you can recognize a part of you from your intuition, your True Self, you are one step closer to manifesting the life you’ve always wanted.

 Remember, we must be connected to ourselves to be able to tune in and listen to our intuition.

Your Parts

Speaking of parts, your intuition can lead to feeling anxiety, overwhelm, and fear. These feelings or thoughts are your parts reacting to whatever intuitive hit you received, and they often stop you in your tracks from following that intuitive hit, keeping you stuck and unable to move forward.

When we begin to listen to our intuition, we are building trust with our True Self, the Universe, and our parts. Our parts are trying to keep us safe, which is why those feelings of anxiety, fear, and overwhelm come up when we get an intuitive hit.

For example, if you get the intuitive hit to quit your job, parts of you are most definitely going to come up and question this. Some will go worst case scenario, like you’re going to be destitute and, on the street, if you quit. Some will question if you can find anything better. Or insist that you can’t find anything better.

Your Parts are trying to keep you safe

This is where unblending comes in handy. You must make space between your True Self and these parts so you can see things from a perspective that isn’t fueled with fear, past programming, conditioning, and limiting beliefs.

I talked about and wrote about how to unblend from your parts in episode 19, Powerful New Year’s Rituals To Manifest Your Best Life In 2024.

If you haven’t already, I would go check it out! It really goes hand and hand with what I am discussing today. To be in our True Self and be able to listen to our intuition, we must be Self-led and separated from our parts. And by listening to our intuition, we are building trust within our internal world.

The more we pay attention to those intuitive hits, nudges, opportunities, and follow them, the more our parts will relax and trust that we have the best intentions for ourselves, all parts of ourselves.

How to build trust in your intuition-

As I said before, it’s important to be connected to yourself. Through this connection is where you will notice those hits, hints, nudges, opportunities, and the like. To connect with yourself, you can use grounding and breathing.

Grounding is one of the best skills out there and there are so many ways to ground yourself back into the present moment and center yourself. One of my favorites is using the 5 senses. And no, I am not talking about the one that is all over social media where you have to find 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, or whatever it is. I don’t remember what it is, so I don’t expect my clients to remember what it is, especially in the moment when they really need to use it.

Instead, I take a breath or two, then I look around and using my 5 senses I describe what I see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. When I do this, I am being a neutral observer, I’m not using judgment, just describing objectively. By using your five senses, you are connecting with yourself as well as bringing yourself to center.

Grounding Exercise

Take a deep, cleansing breath, then tell yourself, either out loud or in your mind what do you see?

Describe it like you would when you are telling it to others so they would be able to envision it.

Then, what do you hear? Label all the sounds. If you are inside, notice what you hear indoors as well as outdoors if you can.

Next, what do you smell? If you can’t smell something in the air, is there a beverage you can smell, a cup of coffee or tea you’re currently drinking, something you’re eating perhaps? What about your clothing?

What do you taste? Again, it can be something you are currently eating or drinking, or recently ate or drank that is still lingering.

 Lastly, what can you feel? What are the things around you or on you that you can touch and describe to yourself? Clothing, furniture, pet, steering wheel if you’re driving.

After you do all of these, take another deep cleansing breath. Ask yourself how do you feel? Do you notice any shifts? Any changes? Are you feeling centered and grounded? If you’re not quite there, you can do the exercise again, or you can take a few more deep cleansing breaths.

Breathing Exercise

With each inhale say to yourself you are becoming more relaxed and with each exhale you are releasing any tension or tightness that you feel.

Do this a few times until you notice a feeling of relaxation and loosening of any tightness or tension in your body.

Ask Your Intuition Questions

Once connected, you can begin asking your intuition questions. Make it easy at first with yes or no questions. Ones that you would know so that it can be verified. For instance, I would ask, Is my name Angel? And wait for a response.

Because you are centered and grounded, what comes up should be your intuition. If a part of you comes up and says something snarky, like “of course your name is Angel, what the hell?” just ask that part to step back. By asking your intuition questions that you know and receiving the correct answers, you are getting to know what it feels like to communicate with your inner knowing.

Another great exercise is to ask your intuition what to wear in the morning and then wear it. Or what route you should take to go to work, then do it. This is what builds trust with your intuition.

Ask For a Sign

You can also ask your intuition to send you a sign, such as seeing a butterfly or specific bird, whatever resonates with you, but isn’t easily seen every day. Then keep an eye out for it. It’ll show up!

Then keep paying attention.

Knowing how your intuition communicates to you, how it feels, or lacks feeling, like that knowing, gives you the ability to pay closer attention when your intuition is sending you information. If it is telling you to do something, do it if you can. If it is something big like quitting your job, you don’t have to immediately quit your job. This will only panic your parts. Instead, put your parts at ease and take aligned action steps instead.

Use this time to explore new opportunities. Update your resume, begin looking to see what’s out there. Ask your intuition for more help too. Can your intuition offer someone you could reach out to? Is there a specific place you could look for a new job? Does it have any ideas as to what this new job would look like? Is it in the same field or something completely different?

Follow the nudges

Your intuition is putting you on the path that you need to be on to get where you need to be. And if you follow this path, it will all work out. That is part of the knowing.  Knowing deep down that it is time to do something difficult, not like you, that would not be considered playing safe or small. And knowing that it is the right thing to do because you have trust that the Universe has you.

So, I hope now you can see why listening to and building trust with your intuition is so important for manifesting. When we want to manifest something, we put it out into the Universe, then we must take aligned action towards that manifestation. This is where our intuition comes in.

Why Intuition is so important to manifesting

If we put a manifestation out into the Universe and just sit back and wait, it is not going to just appear. When manifesting a new relationship, listen to what your intuition has to say. If it tells you to go to a get together that a part of you really doesn’t want to go to, go anyway. There’s a reason for you to attend, it will get you one step closer to manifesting that new relationship or perhaps meeting the person right there.

But if you listen to the part and stay home, you not only won’t be taking aligned action towards that manifestation, but you are also losing trust with your intuition and the Universe. And we don’t want that!

My Recommendations

I recommend keeping a journal, notebook, or using your Notes app on your phone to record any intuitive hits you get, any aligned actions you take, so that you can see how all of it plays out.

This will strengthen trust in your intuition and trust in your internal world by showing your parts that these intuitive hits do work out. Making it easier for the parts of you that usually would step in to back up and allow you to continue following your intuition.

I have a free guide, How to Tap into Your Intuition that has some of the exercises I mentioned here and others to learn how to align with your True Self and connect with your intuition. I will put the link in the show notes! It’s an excellent free resource! So, I invite you to check it out!

You can get the free guide here!

Use these exercises as daily rituals to strengthen your intuition. Practice is key! I hope this helps you on your journey to manifesting the life you’ve always wanted! Until next time! Bye for now. Happy manifesting!


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