The #1 reason your manifestations aren’t coming through

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Today I’m sharing the #1 reason your manifestations aren’t coming through, and what to do about it. We are told all the great things to do to manifest. But what if they don’t work? They didn’t work for me, and I know I’m not alone here.

For many years I struggled with my finances, love, and other things I tried to manifest into my life.

I did all the things that New Age Manifestation practices tell you to do. Think positively, affirmations, vision boards, full and new moon rituals, and things would begin to manifest then, POOF, gone, including my motivation and energy.

I totally thought it was something I was doing, I wasn’t thinking positively enough, I wasn’t in good vibes all the time, I didn’t want it bad enough. Was what I was trying to manifest even possible?

I questioned myself, it was possible, right? That’s when I heard it, this inner critical voice telling me that it wasn’t possible.

I dug into non-New Age manifestation practices

And I found the consistent reminder about shadow work. Instead of trying to ignore, dismiss, or invalidate that critical voice, I had to get to the root of why it thought it wasn’t possible in the first place.  

I quickly realized there was more to it besides not feeling like it was possible. There were layers under this that had to do with how I felt about myself. These layers were deservingness and worthiness. This was why I didn’t think it was possible.

If I didn’t feel deserving or worthy deep down inside, I was most certainly telling the Universe that I wasn’t ready for what I wanted to manifest. Essentially blocking my manifestations. And because I wasn’t ready, who knows what would happen if I got what I asked for. Would I even take the aligned action to get there? Or would I talk myself out of it and take the “safest route” instead because I didn’t think it was possible? In other words, would I sabotage myself? See why I say this is the #1 reason your manifestations aren’t coming through?

I delved into all the shadow work.

I’m a Scorpio and we love digging deep into those subconscious layers! And the more I dug, explored, healed, and set free, the more the manifestations started flowing in. The more I was open to the possibilities, the more I felt deserving and worthy of those aligned actions that crossed my path. And I’ve stayed consistent with it throughout. We have many layers, and we are never done!

The #1 reason your manifestations are not coming through

Is because somewhere deep down inside of you, you don’t believe you are worthy, deserving, or that it’s possible. These limiting beliefs that you might be trying to ignore, dismiss, or invalidate, run deep. We can’t consciously try to positive think our way out of them. This is why things like shadow work is so powerful.

To manifest, we need to be in our worth and in alignment with our True Self and the Universe.

This is the key to manifesting. And the #1 reason why your manifestations aren’t coming through. When you see people manifesting all the things it’s because they feel worthy and are aligned with their authentic True Self. It’s the step that is the most important and often the least talked about.

Shadow work, inner child work, learning how to access your True Self, and trust your intuition, are how you will become the most magnetic version of yourself.

There are many ways to do shadow work and inner child work. I’m sure you’ve seen all the books, workbooks, videos, walking you through the steps. And I always say that whatever works for you, go for it! I think doing the work in a way that resonates with us is key. Or else, we just don’t do it!

After spending years doing shadow work, inner child work, developing my intuition, and being in my True Self

I found that there was a way that resonated and felt in alignment with me. That is Internal Family Systems (IFS). Since it’s an evidence-based psychotherapy modality, most wouldn’t consider it shadow work or inner child work. But hear me out- IFS is all about the inner child, shadow work, aligning with your authentic True Self, learning how to trust your intuition, all in one! Which also is why it is a powerful manifestation tool as well as a powerful psychotherapy tool!

You can read all about IFS here, but here’s a quick rundown. IFS is based on the idea that we all have parts of us as well as our True Self. These parts of us are what make us human and work with our True Self. However, parts of us take on new jobs and roles based on our experiences, shifting our perceptions away from what is in alignment with our True Self. These new jobs and roles form limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. This is where the feeling of unworthiness, feeling undeserving, and become closed off to the possibilities of manifesting the life we’ve always wanted.

Again, to successfully manifest, we must be in our worth and in alignment with our True Self and the Universe.

Limiting beliefs impact our worth. This is the #1 reason why your manifestations aren’t coming through.

Our parts work tirelessly to keep us and our system safe. This is the past programming, and conditioning, based on limiting beliefs, societal and family norms, and pressures. And these parts continue to do this job even when it’s no longer needed, because of this, our thoughts and behaviors become unhealthy patterns and cycles that block our manifestations, keep us in low self-worth, and unable to align with and trust our True Self.

The thing is, these parts don’t want to do this job, but they are protecting that inner child that is hurt hiding in the shadows of our subconscious. Once we heal that inner child (and there can and usually is more than one hurt inner child) these parts can finally take on new jobs and roles that are in alignment with our True Self. When we heal those inner child parts that have been holding the burden of feeling unworthy or undeserving, and work with the other parts, we become open to possibilities beyond what we can consciously see and realize.

By doing this work, we are healing and building trust with all parts of us, resulting in our parts allowing us to become Self-led. This means that our True Self is in the lead with our parts helping us. This is where we must be to successfully manifest.

And this is why IFS is so effective for manifestation! It is all about getting to the root of what is going on in our subconscious, which cannot be fixed through consciously trying to think positively, and such. IFS truly is life changing!

Imagine not feeling weighed down

By all of the past programming, conditioning, and limiting beliefs that have impacted your self-worth and held you back for so long.

Imagine living in alignment with your True Self, being Self-led, connected with all parts of you, even those in the shadows, feeling magnetic and empowered to manifest the life you’ve always dreamt of.

This is the magic of True Self Manifestation!

If you want to get to the root of why your manifestations aren’t coming through and experience a transformation so powerful, so aligned, it will change your entire way of life, then I invite you to check out my new IFS-Informed Manifestation one-on-one coaching package! I am offering a limited time introductory rate! Book a free 15-minute discovery call with me to see if this is the right fit for you!

And if this has piqued your interest and you want to explore more, please check out my free offerings below!

As an IFS-Informed therapist and coach

I’ve been using IFS for years to help women break free of their past-programming, conditioning, and limiting beliefs. By doing this, I witnessed something spectacular happen. The more we did the work, the more worthy and deserving my clients felt, the more things would fall into place, the more they noticed and followed intuitive hits and listened to their guts more.

The more they broke out of unhealthy patterns and cycles, the more they became open to new experiences, opportunities, jobs, relationships. They were manifesting without even knowing it! By learning how to align with their True Self, become Self-led, and work with their parts, they became this magnetic force to be reckoned with.

When we do this work, we are setting the intention to live in alignment with our True Self, not all of the bullshit that we were fed growing up from the people around us and society. This is the path connecting with the Universe.

Join me and become your most magnetic self!


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